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Why the Supreme Court is Ruling on the Census. (, 4/29/19)

Classic ‘Brady Bunch’ Episode at Center of Measles Vaccine Debate. (, 4/29/19)

Deputy AG Rosenstein Resigns. (, 4/30/19)

Jussie Smollett Case: Brothers Accused of Carrying out Attack Sue Actor’s Legal Team for Defamation. (, 4/23/19)

Supreme Court Takes up Job Discrimination Cases that could Settle Whether LGBT Workers are Protected by Law. (, 4/22/19)

The Supreme Court Case over Adding a Citizenship Question to the Census, Explained. (, 4/23/19)

Supreme Court to take up LGBT Employment Discrimination Cases. (, 4/22/19)

$24.5M Verdict For Death of Mother Following Childbirth. (, 4/18/19)

Trump Lifts Ban on U.S. Lawsuits Against Foreign Firms in Cuba. (, 4/17/19)

Is the Doctor In? Medical Malpractice Issues in the Age of Telemedicine. (, 4/17/19)

Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. (, 4/16/19)

Mondelez Global LLC Recalls Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies over ‘Unexpected Solidified Ingredient’ (, 4/16/19)

Volkswagen Accused of Illegally Selling Prototypes Not Fit for the Road. (, 4/15/19)

Glen Mills Schools, State Officials Face Lawsuit from National Legal Center. (, 4/11/19)

Uber Didn’t do Enough to Warn Women about Series of Rapes by Fake Uber Drivers in LA, Lawsuit Alleges. (, 4/9/19)

Lori Loughlin Indicted by Federal Grand Jury, Charged with Money Laundering. (, 4/9/19)

U.S. Women’s Soccer Players get Sponsor Money to Fix World Cup Bonus Pay Gap. (, 4/2/19)

ER Doctors at Philly-Area Hospitals Quietly Win Back-Pay Dispute with Prime Healthcare. (, 4/2/19)

New Jersey Moves to Enact Tougher Drinking Water Standards for PFAs. (, 4/1/19)

Novartis Hit with $1.5M Whistleblower Suit, Avoids Punitive Damages. (, 3/27/19)

OxyContin-Maker Purdue Pharma and Sackler Family Agree to Pay $270 Million to Settle Oklahoma State Opioid Case. (, 3/26/19)

Cardi B Files Lawsuit Against Accusers after Prostitution, Herpes Allegations. (, 3/24/19)

UPDATE: 1-U.S. Top Court Rejects Show Retailer Zappos Appeal in Data Breach Case. (, 3/25/19)

Dallas Cowboys Fan Jumped at Philadelphia Eagles Game Awarded $700K. (, 3/20/19)

JetBlue Pilots Accused of Drugging and Raping 3 Crew Members. (, 3/21/19)

NMPA Publishers File $150M Lawsuit Against Peloton Over Unlicensed Music by Drake, Ariana Grande & More. (, 3/19/19)

Johnson & Johnson Hit with $29 Million Verdict in Mesothelioma Case. (, 3/14/19)

Pennsylvania Prisons to Implement System-Wide Tobacco Ban. (, 3/18/19)

2 Stanford Students File First Class-Action Suit in Largest-Ever College Admissions Scam. (, 3/14/19)

‘Full House’ Actress Surrenders to Feds in Alleged College Admissions Scheme. (, 3/13/19)

Boeing 737 Max 8 Planes Grounded after Ethiopian Crash. (, 3/13/19)

REAL ID Licenses Now Available to Pennsylvania Residents. (, 3/11/19)

Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe Weigh in on “Bold” Soccer Discrimination Suit. (, 3/11/19)

Nearly 200 SEPTA Transit Police Officers on Strike after Union, Management Fail to Reach Deal. (, 3/6/19)

Johnny Bobbit Admits Role in $400,000 GoFundMe Scam, Pleads Guilty in Federal Court. (, 3/6/19)

New York Court Officially Disbars Michael Cohen. (, 2/26/19)

U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Discovery Rule Applies to FDCPA Claims. (, 2/26/19)

Bayer Faces Second Trial over Alleged Roundup Cancer Risk. (, 2/25/19)

The Washington Post Sued by Family of Covington Catholic Teenager. (, 2/20/19)

16 States Sue to Stop Trump’s Use of Emergency Powers to Build Border Wall. (, 2/18/19)

Surprise! Users Fall for Fake Virus Alerts. (, 2/18/19)

The former Apple Lawyer who was Supposed to Keep Employees from Insider Trading has been Charged with Insider Trading. (, 2/13/19)

Women Sue Yale Over a Fraternity Culture they Say Enables Harassment. (, 2/12/19)

Woody Allen is Suing Amazon for Killing his Movie Deal. ( 2/7/19)

Looking Back to Look Forward: Healthcare Developments in Labor and Employment Law. (, 2/6/19)

NJ Now Offers Option for Gender-Neutral Birth Certificate (, 2/5/19)

Shuttling Between Independent Contractor and Employee. (, 2/4/19)

Did You Know: New Gender Identity Laws Go into Effect Feb 1st. (, 1/29/19)

Airline Ordered to Pay More Than $77 Million for Wage-Hour Violations. (, 1/24/19)

Today, we honor a great man. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Challenging CFPB. (, 1/15/19)

Nurses Picket in Protest of Staffing Levels at Several Philadelphia Hospitals. (, 1/3/19)

New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be Bold. (, 1/3/19)

Winter Bike Gear: How to stay Cruising in the Elements. (, 1/2/19)

Supreme Court teed up to Act on Mystery Mueller-Related Grand Jury Case. (, 1/2/19)

‘Fresh Prince’ Star Alfonso Ribeiro Sues Fortnite over Use of Dance his Character Carlton Popularized. (, 12/18/18)

New York Court Rejects Class and Collective Certification in Nationwide Sex-Bias Action. (, 12/7/18)

More Radio Stations Ban ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Amid #MeToo Controversy. (, 12/5/18)

A Total-body indoor Workout to Chase Away Those Winter Blues. (, 1/17/18)

George H.W. Bush Dies at 94. (, 12/1/2018)

Ramble on Back to Court: Led Zeppelin Can’t Shake “Stairway” Infringement Claims. (, 11/29/18)

Couple Fighting on American Airlines Flight get Plane Turned Around. (, 11/29/18)

Chick-fil-A Barred on College Campus due to LGBTQ Stance. (, 11/26/18)

Man Charged in Death at Charlottesville Rally ‘Thought he was Acting in Self-Defense,’ Attorney Says. (, 11/27/18)

CDC to U.S. Consumers: Do Not eat Romaine Lettuce. (, 11/20/18)

Florida Sues Walgreens, CVS, Over Opioid Sales. (, 11/19/18)

Homeless Man and N.J. Couple Concocted Story for GoFundMe Fundraiser, Prosecutor Says. (, 11/15/18)

Justice Department Defends Whitaker Appointment as Acting Attorney General. (, 11/14/18)

CNN sues President Trump and top White House Aides for Barring Jim Acosta. (, 11/13/18)

Philly Loses out on Amazon HQ Bid to New York and Northern Virginia. (, 11/12/18)

Girl Scouts File Lawsuit Against Boy Scouts over Name Change. (,

Trial for Alleged Drug Kingpin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman begins Under Tight Security in Brooklyn. (, 11/5/18)

Severe Weather, Rain may Impact States with Key Races for Midterm Elections. (, 11/5/18)

California Today: Google Employees Around the World Walk Out. (, 11/1/18)

Wells Fargo hit with Lawsuit over Robocalls to Wrong Numbers. (, 10/26/18)

Trump Claims 14th Amendment Doesn’t Cover Birthright Citizenship. (, 10/31/18)

Family Sues Over Student’s Pancake-Eating Contest Death. (, 10/29/18)

Exploding Toilets Prompts Recall of 1.4 Million ‘Flushmate’ Flushing Systems. (, 10/22/18)

Monsanto Punitive Damages Slashed by Judge; Verdict Upheld. (, 10/23/18)

GOP Strategist says Obama, Trump Definitions of Gender has Created Ambiguity. (, 10/22/18)

Viacom Sues Netflix for Employee Poaching. (, 10/16/18)

Sears Files for Bankruptcy, but Does it Still have a Chance of Survival? (, 10/15/18)

Limo Involved in Crash that Killed 20 Never Should have been on the Road, New York Governor Says. (, 10/8/18)

Lawsuit: LaCroix not ‘all natural,’ Contains Cockroach Insecticide. (, 10/8/18)

6.5M Pounds of Beef Recalled Due to Potential Salmonella. (, 10/4/18)

Dunkin’ Employees Fired after Viral Video Shows Worker Dumping Water on Homeless Man. (, 10/1/18)

What Happens When a Policyholder Settles Without Involving Its Insurer? (, 10/1/18)

Mark Cuban’s Landmark Theatres Denied Dismissal of ‘Exploitation’ Lawsuit. (, 10/1/18)

New Brett Kavanaugh Accuser, Julie Swetnick, comes Forward with Explosive New Allegations. (, 9/26/18)

Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years. (, 9/25/18)

The Latest: Prosecutor wants 5 to 10 Years for Cosby.  (, 9/24/18)

Kavanaugh Accusers Enlist High-Powered Lawyers, Dem Operatives. (, 9/24/18)

Accuser’s Schoolmate Says she Recalls Hearing of Alleged Kavanaugh Incident. (, 9/19/18)

Yogurts Deceptively High in Sugar, Study Finds. (, 9/19/18)

National Constitution Day. (, 8/17/18)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Fancy Lifestyle Brand, Goop, Pays $145,000 Settlement over Infamous Jade Eggs. (, 9/5/18)

$400G in GoFundMe Cash for Homeless Vet is Gone, Lawyer Claims. (, 9/5/18)

Nike Shares Fall as Backlash Erupts over New Ad Campaign Featuring Colin Kaepernick. (, 9/4/18)

Kavanaugh Hearing Live Updates: Protesters Continue to Interrupt as Democrats Say Hearing should be Delayed. (, 9/4/18)

Justice Department Sides with Asian-Americans Suing Harvard over Admissions Policy. (, 8/30/18)

Homeless Samaritan Suing Couple who Raised Funds to Help Him. (, 8/29/18)

Employee Need Not Give Severance Back Before Moving Forward. (, 8/27/18)

As Trump Stays Silent on John McCain’s Death, the Senator Gets a Last Word. (, 8/27/18)

Motorcycle Accident Claims Life of Pennsylvania Man. (, 8/26/18)

32 Children’s Medicines Recalled for ‘Microbial Contamination.’ (, 8/23/18)

Herbalife Sued for Duping Distributors. (, 8/21/18)

Man Dying of Cancer Says $289M Monsanto Verdict not “in Vain.” (, 8/20/18)

North Texas Jury Awards More than $242M For Lexus Seat Defect. (, 8/17/18)

Home Depot to Pay $100,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit. (, 8/17/18)

6 Sun Safety Tips: How Kids can Have Fun in the Sun and Be Sun-Safe. (, 8/13/18)

Teen Football Player Dies After Complaining of Headache. (, 8/15/18)

New Jersey Law Does Not Require Employers to Accommodate Medical Marijuana Users with Drug Test Waivers. (, 8/15/18)

Plastic Bags, Straws Banned in Atlantic County Parks. (, 8/13/18)

Trump Campaign Files Arbitration Complaint Against Omarosa. (, 8/14/18)

Zostavax Shingles Vaccine Lawsuits Consolidated in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. (, 8/3/18)

Young Athletes Should Stay Hydrated, but Too Much Water can be Deadly. (, 8/7/18)

Trending News Today: Smokers more Likely to Develop Atrial Fibrillation. (, 8/3/18)

Family Scrambles as Scooter Catches Fire. (, 8/3/18)

Relative Calls Toddler’s Fatal Mauling by Dogs in Port Richmond, ‘a Freak Accident.’ (, 8/2/18)

Ready, Aim, Hire a ‘Fortnite’ Coach. (, 7/31/18)

USDA Issues Alert about Salads, Wraps due to Parasite Worry. (, 8/1/18)

Bode Miller and Wife Morgan on their Baby’s Drowning: ‘It Happens in the Blink of an Eye. (, 7/30/18)

A $100 Million Lawsuit was Filed Against the Operators of the Capsized Missouri Duck Boat. (, 7/30/18)

3D-Printed Gun Downloads can’t be Accessed in Pa. for now, but Court Battle will Ensue. (, 7/30/18)

Hersheypark to Stay Closed Thursday as Flooding Continues. (, 7/25/18)

White House bans CNN Reporter from Press Conference. (, 7/25/18)

Top Eagles Storylines Heading into 2018 Training Camp. (, 7/25/18)

As Automation Expands, Driver Error Persists. (, 7/25/18)

Some Ritz Crackers Products Recalled due to Salmonella Risk. (, 7/23/18)

Utley Returns for Final Regular-Season Series in Philly. (, 7/23/18)

Bayer to End Sales of Essure, Birth Control Device Blamed for Serious Injuries. (, 7/20/18)

Dad goes to Pick up 3-year-old and Finds him Dead after Spending 3.5 Hours in Scorching Hot Day Care Bus. (, 7/20/18)

17 Killed in Missouri Duck Boat Sinking ranged in Age from 1 to 70. (, 7/20/18)

Philadelphia’s Soda Tax Upheld by State Supreme Court. (, 7/18/18)

Trump Says he Accepts U.S. Intelligence on Russian Interference in 2016 Election but Denies Collusion. (, 7/17/18)

Legal Same-Sex Marriage Helps Gay Men’s Health, Research Shows. (, 7/17/18)

MGM Sues Las Vegas Victims and Survivors, Claiming no Liability. (, 7/17/18)

Republicans blast Trump Meeting with Putin as ‘Shameful’ and ‘Sign of Weakness.’ (, 7/16/18)

CVS Apologizes After White Manager Calls Police on Black Customer over Coupon. (, 7/15/18)

Employer Found Liable where Supervisor Mocked Employee’s Stuttering Problem. (, 7/13/18)

Uber’s Head of HR Resigns Reportedly after Discrimination Probe. (, 7/11/18)

Starbucks is Ditching Plastic Straws – But What Impact Could that have on the Environment. (, 7/11/18)

Thai Cave Rescue Operation Suspended after Four More Boys Freed. (, 7/9/18)

Sounding Off or Whistleblowing? – The Devil’s in the Detail. (, 7/9/18)

The Most Interesting Late Development in Trump’s Supreme Court Derby. (, 7/9/18)

Tips for Safe Independence Day Fireworks Celebrations. (, 7/3/18)

Hot Cars, Drowning: Keep your Family Safe this Summer. (, 6/29/18)

What Would it Really Take for Abortion to be Illegal in Pa., N.J.? (, 6/29/18)

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Announces Retirement. (, 6/27/18)

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban. (, 6/26/18)

Biggest Winners and Losers of 2018 NBA Draft. (, 6/22/18)

Why Amazon is the Winner of the Supreme Court Sales Tax Ruling. (, 6/21/18)

There’s a New Button on Instagram that You’re going to Want to Know About. (, 6/21/18)

Phanatic’s Flying Hot Dog Leaves Phillies Fan with Facial Injuries. (, 6/21/18)

There are 2,300 Migrant Kids Spread Across the US. What Happens to them Next? (, 6/21/18)

Overtime can be an Essential Job Function. (, 6/19/18)

Border-crossing Guatemalan mom sues Trump admin for not saying where her son is. (, 6/19/18)

Trump: U.S. ‘Will not be a Migrant Camp… not on my Watch.’ (, 6/18/18)

Medical Marijuana Patients, Legally Banned from Driving, May get a Pass in PA. (, 6/18/18)

Kellog Company Recalls Honey Smacks Cereal After Dozens Sickened by Salmonella. (, 6/14/18)

EEOC Files Seven Suits Against Harassment. (, 6/14/18)

NJ Gov. Signs Sports-Betting Bill into Law. (, 6/11/18)

Philly Cops Issue New Trespassing Policy in Response to Starbucks Arrests. (, 6/8/18)

Country Time to Cover Kids’ ‘Illegal’ Lemonade Stands. (, 6/8/18)

Judge Sides with Philadelphia in Sanctuary City Fight. (, 6/6/18)

Eagles Coach Doug Pederson was Looking Forward to White House Visit, but Moving On. (, 6/6/18)

Cape May Prosecutor: No Charges for Wildwood Police who Punched Woman on Beach. (, 6/5/18)

Supreme Court Decides Colorado Gay Wedding Cake Case: A Timeline of Events. (, 6/4/18)

It’s Epic: Supreme Court Approves Class-Action Waivers in Employment Agreements (, 6/1/18)

Car Crashes Into Warminster Ice Cream Parlor (, 6/1/18)

Michael Jackson’s Estate Sues Disney Over Copyright Infringement Over ABC Special (, 5/31/18)

Toddler left home alone falls from 2nd story window; parents charged. (, 5/30/18)

Roseanne Barr Attacks Cast Members on Twitter Following Cancellation ‘You Threw Me Under the Bus’ (Indie Wire, 5/30/18)

Trump Cancels Summit Citing ‘Open Hostility’ by North Korea. (, 5/24/18)

Employer Beware: Considerations When Hiring a Competitor’s Employees. (, 5/24/18)

Trump Can’t Block Users from his Twitter Feed, Federal Judge Rules. (, 5/23/18)

School Bus Driver in Fatal New Jersey Crash Had License Suspended 14 Times. (, 5/22/18)

Is Facebook just a Platform? A Lawyer to the Stars Says No. (, 5/22/18)

Former Uber Engineer Sues, Tests New Sex-Based Claims Policy. (, 5/22/18)

United States Supreme Court Validates Class and Collective Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements. (, 5/21/18)

Costco Class Action: ‘Environmentally Responsible’ Cleaners Aren’t Natural. (, 5/18/18)

GSN Casino Games are Online Illegal Gambling, Class Action Says. (, 5/18/18)

Royal Wedding 2018: Princes Harry and William meet Windsor Crowds. (, 5/18/18)

At Least 2 Dead, Many Hurt in Obliterating NJ School Bus Crash: Sources. (, 5/17/18)

Cosmo DiNardo Pleads Guilty to Killing Four men in Bucks; Sean Kratz Rejects Deal, Opts for Trial. (, 5/16/18)

Philadelphia Salary History Ban: Judge Rules that Employers Can Ask About – But Not Use – Prior Salary History. (, 5/16/18)

Pa. Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Philly Soda Tax. (, 5/15/18)

What the Supreme Court’s Sports Gambling Decision Means. (, 5/14/18)

Nurse Charged in Death of H.R. McMaster’s Father. (, 5/10/18)

President Trump Welcomes 3 Americans Freed by North Korea. (, 5/10/18)

New Jersey Passes Laws on Sick Leave and Pay Equity; Will Tackle Worker Misclassification. (, 5/9/18)

Report: More than One-Third of Philly Residents Renege on Jury Duty. (, 5/9/18)

NBC Says no Culture of Harassment in its News Division. (, 5/9/18)

Trump Announces Plans to Pull out of Iran Nuclear Deal Despite Pleas from European Leaders. (, 5/8/18)

Former Friends’ Central Teachers Sue School after Firing over Palestinian Professor Invite. (, 5/8/18)

NBA Playoffs 2018: Watch Celtics vs. 76ers Game 5 (, 5/8/18)

Are the Sixers Really that much more Talented than this Celtics Team? (, 5/7/18)

16th Anniversary of Allen Iverson’s Practice Rant. (, 5/7/18)

What not to Wear: Employer Dress Code Policy Ruled Unlawful. (, 5/7/18)

Sneezing your Head Off? Blame the Extreme Weather this Spring. (, 5/4/18)

‘Mob Justice, Not Real Justice’ Convicted Bill Cosby, Wife Says. (, 5/3/18)

Freight Train Derailment Causing Problems on SEPTA, Amtrak Lines. (, 5/3/18)

How Can Medicare Affect my Personal Injury Settlement? (, 5/2/18)

Black Men in Philadelphia Arrest Settle with Starbucks, City. (, 5/2/18)

Southwest Flight to Newark with Cracked Window Diverted to Cleveland. (, 5/2/18)

Mumia Abu-Jamal isn’t there, but He’s the Focus Inside and Outside Philly Courthouse. (, 4/30/18)

Stormy Daniels Files Defamation Lawsuit against Trump. (, 4/30/18)

NBA Playoff Bracket. (, 4/30/18)

Truck Crash Jams Traffic on I-95 in Both Directions in Northeast Philadelphia. (, 4/27/18)

Hit-and-run Deaths at All-Time High, new AAA Study Says. (, 4/26/18)

Meek Mill Released from Prison, Attends 76ers Game. (, 4/25/18)

Supreme Court to Decide Legality of Trump’s Travel Ban. (, 4/25/18)

Closing Arguments Begin in Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Retrial. (, 4/24/18)

NBA Playoffs 2018: Watch Heat vs. 76ers Game 5. (, 4/24/18)

Kevin Hart Visits Meek Mill Behind Bars. (, 4/24/18)

45+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Best Mom Ever. (, 4/16/18)

Cosby Opts not to Testify as Defense Rests Case. (, 4/23/18)

It’s a Boy! Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Third Royal Baby is Here. (, 4/23/18)

Boy, 6, Dies After Suspected Drunken Driver Slams into Motorbike. (, 4/23/18)

National Cherry Cheesecake Day (, 4/23/18)

Students across US Walk Out for Gun Reform on Anniversary of Columbine Massacre. (, 4/20/18)

4/20 and Medical Marijuana – Now’s the Time to Unleash the Power of Pot. (, 4/20/18)

From Monkey Selfies to Intel Allergies, Here are 7 of the Weirdest Tech Lawsuits Ever. (, 4/19/18)

Starbucks will Close 8,000 US Stores for Racial-Bias Training. (, 4/17/18)

Barbara Bush, Wife of 41st President and Mother of 43rd, Dies at 92. (, 4/18/17)

Boston Marathon 2018: Desiree Linden wins, Sarah Sellers Second on Dominant Day for Americans. (, 4/16/18)

US Supreme Court to Consider Whether to let States Force Out-of-State Online Retailers to Collect Sales Taxes. (, 4/17/18)

Comey’s ‘Higher Loyalty’ a Bestseller even Before Release. (, 4/16/18)

A video of Black Men Being Arrested at Starbucks. Three Very Different Reactions. (, 4/15/18)

207 Million Eggs in Nine States Recalled over Salmonella Fears. (, 4/15/18)

Andrea Constand says she Settled with Bill Cosby Because ‘We Just Wanted it Over.’ (, 4/16/18)

2018 NBA Playoffs: Watch 76ers vs. Heat Game 2 Online. (, 4/16/18)

Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Skyrocketed $3 Billion During his Senate Testimony and Could Rise Again Today. (, 4/11/18)

Federal Judge Rules that Uber Drivers are Contractors, Not Employees. (, 4/13/18)

Is Elton John Invited to the Royal Wedding or Not? (, 4/7/18)

Lawsuit: Three Michigan State Basketball Players Raped Woman in 2015. (, 4/9/18)

Tom Bossert, Trump’s Homeland Security Adviser, Resigns. (, 4/10/18)

Mark Zuckerberg Live Blog: Facebook CEO Testifies before Congress. (, 4/10/18)

Tractor-Trailer Falls from Ramp onto I-95 in Bensalem. (, 4/10/18)

Topless Protestor who Charged at Bill Cosby had been a Guest Star on his TV Show. (, 4/9/18)

Surging 76ers Match Team Record with 14th Straight Win. (, 4/8/18)

How to Find out if Cambridge Analytica Stole your Facebook Data. (, 4/9/18)

2018 Masters Leaderboard: Live Coverage, Tiger Woods Score, Golf Scores Friday. (, 4/6/18)

How Google’s Waymo Can Steer Clear of Uber, Tesla Self-Driving Woes. (, 4/6/18)

Distracted Driving Awareness Month – April. (, 4/1/18)

Jury Selection Complete, Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Trial now Set to Start Monday. (, 4/5/18)

Maya Angelou’s 90th Birthday Honored by Google with Star-Studded ‘Still I Rise’ Doodle Tribute. (, 4/4/18)

Villanova Parade in Philadelphia: Route, Street Closures, Parking, & Mass Transit Info. (, 4/4/18)

Eagles’ Doug Pederson to Throw out First Pitch at the Phillies Home Opener. (, 4/4/18)

Starbucks, Others Must Carry Cancer Warning in California, Judge Rules. (, 3/30/18)

11 Things to Watch for in Monday’s Villanova vs. Michigan National Championship Game. (, 4/1/18)

Bill Cosby Jury being Picked Amid Anti-Sexual Misconduct Movement. (, 4/2/18)

An End to the McDonald’s Joint Employer NLRB Litigation. (, 3/27/18)

Exclusive: Mark Zuckerberg has Decided to Testify before Congress. (, 3/27/18)

Facebook in Hot Water with Latest Privacy Missteps. (, 3/22/18)

OnPolitics Today: McMaster Ousted, Dowd Lost, Biden Threatened – ALl Day’s Work for Trump. (, 3/22/18)

Not Cleaning the Snow off Your Car is Illegal in Pennsylvania. (, 3/7/18)

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Offers Apology on CNN for Data Leak: “This was a Major Breach of Trust.” (, 3/21/18)

The Toys “R” Us Liquidation Sales are Coming. (, 3/22/18)

Dashcam Video of Deadly Self-Driving Uber Crash Released. (, 3/21/18)

What All Employers Need to Know About Protecting Employee Health Information. (, 3/20/18)

Philadelphia Weather Updates: Latest on Snow, Forecast, Travel, Closings. (, 3/21/18)

“Textalyzer” Device Allows Police to Determine if Drivers were Texting and Driving. (, 3/21/18)

Miami Bridge Collapse Victims: A student, father of three and a businessman ‘who would help anybody’. (, 3/19/18)

Powerball Ticket Sold in Manheim Hits $457 Million Jackpot, the Biggest Lottery Prize in Pennsylvania History. (, 3/19/18) 

NCAA Tournament 2018 Bracket: Print out a New Bracket for the Sweet 16 After Upsets. (, 3/19/18)

Philadelphia Prosecutors Must Share the Cost of Prison Time Inside Court During Case Sentencing. (, 3/15/18)

Sixth Circuit Delivers One-Two Punch Knocking Out Transgender Discrimination. (, 3/16/18)

No Tax Deductions for Sexual Harassment Settlements with Non-Disclosure Agreements. (, 3/16/18)

Toys R Us is Closing all of its US Stores. Here’s a Map of Where They Are. (, 3/15/18)

Alexa Predicts Villanova will Win March Madness. (, 3/14/18)

Prosecutors Unopposed to Release of Rapper Meek Mill. (, 3/15/18)

Local Students Take Part in National Walkout Day. (, 3/14/18)

March Madness 2018 Brackets: NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Teams Announced. (, 3/14/18)

Democrat Poised to Upset GOP in Pennsylvania Special Election. (, 3/14/18)

Employee Pregnancy – Is Ignorance the Best Defense? (, 3/14/18)

Feeling Tired? Take a Nap for National Napping Day. (, 3/12/18)

Box Office: ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Earns $1.3 Million on Thursday Night. (, 3/9/18)

‘March for Our Lives’ Student-led Rallies for Gun Control Planned in D.C., Philly, Other Cities. (, 3/8/18)

Stormy Daniels Sues Trump over Confidentiality Agreement. (, 3/9/18)

Legalized Pot in New Jersey – Not so Fast. (, 3/9/18)

Why Companies are Embracing International Women’s Day. (, 3/8/18)

Google Doodles for International Women’s Day. (, 3/8/18)

International Women’s Day 2018: McDonald’s Flips Arches to Celebrate. (, 3/8/18)

Nor’Easter hits Philadelphia: The Snow’s Effect on Travel, Utilities, Closings – Latest Updates. (, 3/7/18)

Bomb Cyclone Uncovers Maine Shipwreck. (, 3/7/18)

Trump Slams the Brakes on Obama Gun-Safety Measures. (, 3/6/18)

Becca Kufrin Forgives Arie Luyendyk Jr. for Breaking Up with her on The Bachelor. (, 3/6/18)

Wednesday’s NorEaster: Expect Dangerous Heavy, Wet Snow Across Region. (, 3/6/18)

Uber Faces Potential $13.5 Million Lawsuit from Pennsylvania Attorney General over Data Breach. (, 3/5/18)

Sustainable, Plant-Based Legos are Coming. They’ll Still Hurt when you Step on Them. (, 3/2/18)

Penguin Super-Colony Spotted from Space. (, 3/2/18)

NCAA Head Coaches Beware: You are ‘Presumptively’ Responsible for Acts of Assistant Coaches, Administrators. (, 3/1/18)

Universal Health Services Sets Reserve for Fraud Settlement. (, 3/1/18)

Electric Automakers Have one More Year to Implement New Noise Devices to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents. (, 2/27/18)

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Major Gun Retailer, Stops Selling Assault-Style Weapons. (, 2/28/17)

SCOTUS Rules Dodd-Frank Does Not Protect Internal Whistleblowing. (, 2/28/18)

Man Charged with DUI for Drunk Driving his Horse on a Freeway. (, 2/27/18)

Kushner, Russia Bombshells rock the White House. (, 2/28/18)

Comcast Makes Surprise $31B bid for Sky in London. (, 2/27/18)

Second Circuit Rules Sexual Orientation Discrimination is Prohibited Under Title VII. (, 2/27/18)

Court Rules Federal Law Protects Gay Employees. (, 2/27/18)

Winner-Take-All Electoral College System is Unconstitutional, say Suits Led by Boies. (, 2/22/18)

Study: People who Drink Moderate Amounts of Alcohol, Coffee Live Longer. (, 2/20/18)

Plastic Straw Makers Brace for Bans. (, 2/23/18)

‘Crisis Actors’ YouTube Video Removed after it Tops ‘Trending’ Videos. (, 2/21/18)

US Women’s Hockey Gold Medal Came in Great Olymic Game, Made Even Greater Statement. (, 2/22/18)

This Brand of Blow Dryers is Lighting on Fire – Here’s What you Need to Know. (, 2/20/18)

Supreme Court Holds Whistleblower Must First Blow the Whistle to the SEC. (, 2/21/18)

Billy Graham: Influential US Evangelist Dies at 99. (, 2/21/18)

Winter Olympics 2018: U.S. Women win Historic Gold Medal in Cross-Country Skiing. (, 2/21/18)

Leading Discrimination Lawyer Issues Guide to “Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Tips for Combatting Promotion Discrimination.” (, 2/19/18)

Coldilocks, Philadelphia Zoo Polar Bear, Euthanized after ‘Serious Decline’ in Health. (, 2/20/18)

Disney Reportedly Withholding Bonuses from Union Employees. (, 2/20/18)

23 Passengers Removed from Cruise Ship in Australia after Brawls. (, 2/19/18)

Mum’s the Word on Olympics Content to Avoid Infringement. (, 2/19/18)

Former CSX Employees file Wrongful Termination Lawsuit. (, 2/18/18)

Special Counsel Mueller Indicts 13 Russians with Interfering in 2016 U.S. Election. (, 2/16/18)

Accuweather: Winter Storm Watch Posted Ahead of Weekend Snow. (, 2/16/18)

Avoid Groundhog Day – Get an Emergency Response Plan in Place! (, 2/16/18)

Happy 25th Birthday, FMLA! 25 Years Later – Where are we Now? (, 2/12/18)

American Luger Emily Sweeney Crashes Out of Olympics. (, 2/13/18)

Valentine’s Day Cards Help Swarthmore College Students Raise Money for Charity. (, 2/13/18)

Why I am Still Marching. (, 2/7/18)

Can You Require Employees to Keep Harassment and other Workplace Investigations “Confidential?” (, 2/7/18)

Frasier Star John Mahoney Dead at 77. (, 2/6/18)

Hot to get Around Philly During Thursday’s Super Bowl Parade. (, 2/7/18)

SCOTUS Denies Pa. GOP Lawmaker’s Attempt to Delay Drawing new Congressional Map. (, 2/5/18)

Prince’s Appearance in Justin Timberlake’s 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show Sparks Backlash. (, 2/5/18)

Eagles Super Bowl Parade: Date, Time, Route, and Other Details. (, 2/5/18)

Groundhog Day 2018: Punxsutawney Phil Predicts 6 Weeks of Winter. (, 2/2/18)

Recent First Circut Decision Illustrates Overlap Between Title VII Gender and Sexual Orientation Claims (US). (, 2/2/18)

Opioid Epidemic Spurs Increase in Drug Testing, Risks for Employers. (, 2/1/18)

Super Bowl 2018: Here’s what NBC has Planned for its Broadcast. (, 2/1/18)

Philadelphia Court Clerk Fired after Asking Meek Mill for Money During Trial. (, 1/31/18)

One Confirmed Dead in Train Crash with Truck. (, 1/31/18)

An Employer’s Notice to Employees of a Mandatory Arbitration Program May be Insufficient Basis to Compel Arbitration. (, 1/31/18)

Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Twitter over Terror Attack. (, 1/31/18)

Everything You Need to Know about the State of the Union Address. (, 1/29/18)

Potholes Ahead for Marijuana-Impaired Driving Regulation. (, 1/30/18)

Super Bowl 2018 Justin Timberlake Halftime Show: Everything that We Know. (, 1/30/18)

Connected Cars in 2018 – Ready for the Fast Lane? (, 1/29/18)

Snow Tonight into Tuesday Morning, Little Accumulation Expected. (, 1/29/18)

Super Bowl 2018 Media Day Live Stream: Time, TV Schedule, and How to Watch Online. (, 1/29/18)

A State of the Union Delivered by the President in Persons? Congress was Agog. (, 1/29/18)

Lunches, Hugs and Break-Room Banter: Where are the New Boundaries at Work? (, 1/28/18)

Grammys 2018 Winners: The Complete List. (, 1/29/18)

Pennsylvania Rolls Out Red Carpet for Amazon with Most Generous Incentives Ever Offered. (, 1/26/18)

Fighting Back: FMLA Fraud and Abuse. (, 1/25/18)

Hollywood’s Time’s Up Movement Keeps Pay Equity in Spotlight. (, 1/25/18)

How PA’s Gerrymandering Decision Could Affect the 2018 Primary Election. (, 1/23/18)

In Lawsuits, Same-Sex Couples say US Wrongly Denied their Children Citizenship. (, 1/22/18)

Eagles Lane Johnson and Chris Long Call Out NFL’s Cheap Marketing Ploy. (, 1/23/18)

National Pie Day. (, 1/23/18)

Marshall County High School Shooting Leaves 2 Dead, 17 Injured. (, 1/23/18)

Employers Can be Vicariously Liable for Employee Data Breaches. (, 1/23/18)

Senate Votes Overwhelmingly to End Government Shutdown. (, 1/22/18)

Guide to Super Bowl LII: Predictions, X Factors, More for Eagles-Patriots. (, 1/22/18)

Dog Flu is Real: Here’s What you Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Safe. (, 1/20/18)

Schumer, Trump Meet at White House as Government Shutdown Looms. (, 1/19/18)

Eagles-Vikings Predictions: Beat Writers are Split. (, 1/18/18)

Supreme Court Agrees to Decide Legality of Current Travel Ban. (, 1/19/18)

Amazon Chooses 20 Finalists for Second Headquarters. (, 1/18/18)

Bald Eagle that Soared Over Lincoln Financial Field a Busy Bird. (, 1/18/18)

Here’s Why the Flu is Especially Bad This Year. (, 1/17/18)

Motorists Beware: Potholes are Flattening Tires Around the Region. (, 1/14/18)

Nuisance Snow Messing with Morning Commute. (, 1/17/18)

Workplace Discrimination in America – What’s Next? (, 1/17/18)

Employee’s Refusal to Take Drug Test Could Not Support Age and Gender Discrimination Claims. (, 1/15/18)

Tips for Scoring Eagles Tickets This Morning. (, 1/16/18)

MLK Jr. Day Across America: Live Updates. (, 1/15/18)

National Labor Relations Board Balances Analysis of Employer Policies and Work Rules. (, 1/12/18)

Trump’s History of Breaking Decorum with Remarks on Race, Ethnicity. (, 1/12/18)

‘Disrespected’ Eagles, the No. 1 Seed, Face Falcons as Underdogs. (, 1/12/18)

James Damore just Filed a Class Action Lawsuit Against Google, Saying it Discriminates Against White Male Conservatives. (, 1/8/18)

Uber to Pay $3M to Settle Driver Service Fees Class Action in NY. (, 1/10/18)

Doctors Warn Parents about Dangerous new ‘Tide Pod Challenge’. (, 1/11/18)

WalMart to Shutter some of its Sam’s Club Locations. (, 1/11/18)

Obesity Discrimination Claims Allowed to Proceed Under California Law. (, 1/10/18)

Contracts in Football – the Unconventional, Bizarre and Shocking. (, 1/10/18)

Adam Rippon will be First Openly Gay US Man to Compete in the Winter Olympics. (, 1/10/18)

WATCH: Alabama Wins National Title on Gorgeous 41-yard TD Pass in OT. (, 1/8/18)

President Trump Tries to Quash Bombshell Book. (, 1/4/18)

Powerful Blizzard Hammers US Northeast, Snarling Travel. (, 1/4/18)

Winter Storm: Tips to Stay Safe and Warm. (, 1/2/18)

Apple Apologizes for Slowdowns, Lops $50 Off Batter Replacement Cost. (, 12/29/17)

A Law Banning Mexican-American Studies in Arizona Public Schools is Dead. (, 12/29/17)

Roy Moore Loses Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Doug Jones Election Win. (, 12/28/17)

NLRB Overturns 4 Decisions that Adversely Impacted Employers. (, 12/28/17)

New Year’s Eve Revelers: Get Ready for One Polar Party. (, 12/27/17)

When a Musical Misstep by Disney Means Millions, It’s Hard to “Let it Go!” (, 12/25/17)

United Apologizes to Passenger who says US Rep Got her Seat. (, 12/25/17)

British Woman Sentenced in Egypt to Three Years in Jail for Smuggling Painkillers. (, 12/26/17)

Congress Sends Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to President Trump’s Desk for Signing. (, 12/20/17)

Apple is Facing Lawsuits over its Policy of Slowing Down Older iPhones. (, 12/22/17)

Labor Board Reverses Ruling that Helped Workers Fight Chains. (, 12/14/17)

Facebook Job Ads Raise Concerns About Age Discrimination.  (, 12/20/17)

Cleared for Take-Off: NLRB Establishes New Balancing Standard for Evaluating Handbooks and Workplace Policies. (, 12/21/17)

The Final Tax Bill: A Thoughtful Analysis. (, 12/21/17)

Social Hosts Beware: “One More for the Road?” May be a Bad Idea. (, 12/15/17)

Amtrak Train Derails in Washington: Live Updates. (, 12/18/17)

Handbook Wars – Common Sense Returns NLRB Overhauls Standard for Legality of Work Rules. (, 12/16/17)

After FCC Abandons Net Neutrality, States Take up the Fight. (, 12/15/17)

The FCC is Expected to Repeal its Net Neutrality Rules Today, in a Sweeping Act of Deregulation. (, 12/14/17)

CNN Says Anderson Cooper’s Twitter Account Apparently Hacked. (, 12/13/17)

Officials Determine Cause of One of California’s Devastating Wildfires. (, 12/12/17)

Proposed Law Would Criminalize Failures to Report Data Breaches. (, 12/13/17)

And So it Begins…Trump NLRB Overturns Obama NLRB Precedent for First Time. (, 12/13/17)

Congress Should Block FCC’s Net Neutrality Vote, Internet Experts Say. (, 12/11/17)

Employers: Paid Family Leave is IN and Salary Inquiries are OUT. (, 12/11/17)

Trump, Obama, Biden Record Robocalls for Alabama Senate Race: Reports. (, 12/11/17)

Nuns Cannot Join Pennsylvania Lawsuit over ACA Religious Exemption – Judge. (, 12/8/17)

Carson Wentz’s Knee Injury Revealed to be Torn ACL, Out for Season. (, 12/11/17)

\Amazon’s Impressive Holiday Season Performance Sends a Message to Retail Giants. (, 12/8/17)

San Francisco Judge Dismisses Equal Pay Class Action Against Google. (, 12/7/17)

Patagonia, Outdoor Retailers Fight Trump on US Monuments. (, 12/8/17)

‘Let Them Dance… But not Too Close’: Welcome to the Post-Weinstein Holiday Party. (, 12/5/17)

Meek Mill’s Lawyers: FBI Investigation into Judge means She Should Leave Case. (, 12/4/17)

Here’s What Is – and Isn’t – in the Travel Ban the Supreme Court Just Upheld. (, 12/4/17)

Live Coverage: Supreme Court Hears Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case. (, 12/5/17)

Openly Gay Hospital Worker Claims he was Fired for Wearing Makeup. (, 12/1/17)

A$AP Bari Sued for Sexual Assault. (, 12/1/17)

Bathroom Videos Taken at Forever 21 Posted to Porn Sites: Suit. (, 12/1/17)

Rescinding Termination May Not Defeat Retaliation Claim. (, 12/4/17)

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the F.B.I. and Will Cooperate with Russia Inquiry. (, 12/1/17)

SCOTUS to Decide: Who is Protected “Whistleblower” Under Dodd-Frank? (, 11/29/17)

The Law on Harassment is Simple: Businesses Must Condemn It. (, 11/30/17)

Extending Leave Was Not a Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA Where there was a Lack of “Certainty” about Return to Work Date. (, 11/29/17)

Prior Entitlement to FMLA Leave is not a Free Ticket to Miss Work for Non-FMLA Covered Reasons. (, 11/28/17)

NBC Fires Matt Lauer for Alleged ‘Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in the Workplace. (, 11/29/17)

5th-Grader Fights School District’s Policy on Leggings: ‘It Shames Girls.’ (, 11/28/17)

Showdown over Top Post at Key Watchdog Agency. (, 11/27/17)

10 Cyber Monday Deals you Didn’t Know You Needed. (, 11/27/17) Names ‘Complicit’ its Word of the Year for 2017. (, 11/27/17)

Uber Hack- Don’t Tell Anyone! (, 11/23/17)

Sexual Harassment isn’t just About Men. Women Should Review their Behavior too, Says this Female CEO. (, 11/24/17)

U.S. Judge Orders Uber Customer to Arbitrate Price-Fixing Claims. (, 11/23/17)

Eighth Child Death from Fallen IKEA Dresser Prompts Recall Reminder. (, 11/21/17)

FCC Ignored your Net Neutrality Comment, Unless you Made a ‘Serious’ Legal Argument. (, 11/22/17)

America Travels for Thanksgiving: Live Updates. (, 11/22/17)

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Executive Order on Denying Funding to Sanctuary Cities. (, 11/21/17)

Federal Court Clarifies When Employers Must Pay Employees for Pre- or Post-Shift Activities. (, 11/20/17)

CPSC Finalizes Ban on Certain Children’s Toys and Child Care Articles. (, 11/20/17)

Jay-Z Writes a New York Times Op-Ed About Meek Mill’s Prison Sentence. (, 11/17/17)

Eagles Prove They’re NFC’s Most Dangerous Team with Dismantling of Cowboys. (, 11/20/17)

#MeToo: It May Be Happening in Your Workplace Too. (, 11/16/17)

Yoga and Massage Therapist Fired for Being “Too Cute” Sees Gender Discrimination Revived on Grounds of Unjustified Spousal Jealousy. (, 11/17/17)

House Vote on Taxes: Here’s What’s in the Bill Republicans just Passed. (, 11/16/17)

DOJ: Trump’s Tweets are ‘Official Statements of the President.” (, 11/14/17)

It’s a Big Day for Tax Reform: Follow Live. (, 11/16/17)

Wells Fargo Illegally Repossessed Another 450 Service Members’ Cars. (, 11/14/17)

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Update: Key Differences Between the House and Senate Bills. (, 11/13/17)

Legal Compliance in a Harassment-Conscious Environment. (, 11/13/17)

Tesla Says it Will Fight Lawsuit Claiming Racial Discrimination. (, 11/15/17)

Lawsuit: Rent at Kushner Properties Inflated Illegally. (, 11/14/17)

What am I Doing Wrong?? Common FMLA Mistakes: Not Properly Considering When a Medical Recertification can be Requested. (, 11/15/17)

Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit against Gunmaker Heads to Connecticut Supreme Court. (, 11/14/17)

Don’t Throw Snowballs (or Rocks) at Cars! (, 11/13/17)

UCLA Basketball Players are Leaving China after Trump Intervenes. (, 11/14/17)

Sessions Testifies: I Forgot about Papadopoulos Meeting, But Now Remember. (, 11/14/17)

Colin Kaepernick Named GC Citizen of the Year. (, 11/13/17)

Democrats Sweep in Virginia, New Jersey. (, 11/8/17)

In Historic Win, Delco Dems Take Council Seats. (, 11/7/17)

Election 2017: Results for Pa. and N.J. Races. (, 11/7/17)

JP Morgan SOX Whistleblower Wins $1.13M at Trial. (, 11/7/17)

LiAngelo Ball and UCLA Teammates could Face 3-10 Years in Prison if Convicted of Shoplifting. (, 11/8/17)

Urban Outfitters Sued for Unpaid Wages and Overtime. (NewJerseyLawJournal, 11/6/17)

Repeat After Me: College Athletes are Not School Employees Under the FLSA. (, 11/6/17)

Woman Photographed Flipping off President Trump’s Motorcade is now Unemployed. (, 11/6/17)

Ruby Tuesday to Pay $45,000 to Settle EEOC Age Discrimination Suit. (, 11/4/17)

Senior Officials Tossed from Union in Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations. (, 11/6/17)

Astros win 1st World Series Crown, Top Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7. (, 11/2/17)

Route 66 Brewery Sued by European Company over use of its Name. (, 11/1/17)

New Jersey Sues OxyContin Maker, Claims it Misled the Public. (, 11/1/17)

A Nurse in Utah Just Won a Half-Million Dollar Settlement Over her Forceful Arrest. (, 10/31/17)

They Said They Survived for Months Lost at Sea. Now the Two American Sailors are Defending their Story. (, 10/31/17)

The Saga Continues: What’s Next for the White Collar Exemptions? (, 10/30/17)

Gesundheit: Employer Guidance on Flu Shot Policies. (, 10/31/17)

Company Suing Kmart for Stealing its Banana Costume Settles. (, 10/30/17)

Popular Clothing Company Accused of Being a Pyramid Scheme, Faces $1B Lawauit. (, 10/30/17)

Balancing the Scales: A Look at Gender Discrimination in the Legal Field. (, 10/30/17)

Manafort, Gates Charged with Conspiracy in Mueller Investigation. (, 10/30/17)

What Trump’s Opioid Announcement Means – and Doesn’t Mean. (, 10/26/17)

Ashley Judd Claims she Promised to have Sex with Harvey Weinstein at a Later Date to Stop Him Sexually Harassing Her. (, 10/27/2017)

Trump Expected to Release Remaining JFK Assassination Documents Thursday. (, 10/26/17)

Apple and Samsung are Headed Back to the Court Room. (, 10/25/17)

Former Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison in Corruption Scandal. (, 10/24/17)

Judge to Review Trump’s Controversial Obamacare Payments Cut. (, 10/23/17)

Passenger Sues Airline of Serving Him Sparkling Wine Instead of Real Champagne. (, 10/20/17)

Viral #MeToo Campaign Highlights Prevalence of Workplace Sexual harassment: Five Ways Employers can work to Establish Harassment-Free Workplaces. (, 10/20/17)

Third Travel Ban Blocked by Court. (, 10/18/17)

Jerry Sandusky Loses Bid for New Trial on Child Sex Abuse Charges. (, 10/18/17)

Las Vegas Shooting Victims and Families could See Rare Restitution thanks to Gunman’s Massive Estate. (, 10/18/17)

When Firing a Sympathetic Employee – Circumstances Matter a Lot. (, 10/16/17)

Education Secretary Signals Shift in Title IX Policy for Dealing with Sexual Misconduct Allegations. (, 10/17/17)

Puerto Ricans Scramble for Food and Water 3 Weeks after Maria. (, 10/13/17)

In a Smoldering California Winery, a Boiling River of Red Wine Emerges. (, 10/13/17)

FTC Targets Student Loan Debt Relief Companies. (, 10/12/17)

Massachusetts Federal Court Decision Highlights the Importance of FMLA Training and Compliance. (, 10/13/17)

Napa, Sonoma Wineries Hit Hard by Wildfires. (, 10/10/17)

Police: Las Vegas Gunman Shot Security Guard Six Minutes before Massacre. (, 10/10/17)

How and Why Wrong Way Accidents Occur. (, 10/9/17)

Thinking about Selling the Company? Six Labor & Employment Skeletons to Consider. (, 10/9/17)

Trump Offers Broad Leeway to Employers to Drop Birth Control Coverage. (, 10/6/17)

Strength in Numbers: How to Use Evidence of Discrimination Against Other Employees. (, 10/5/17)

Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein. (, 10/5/17)

North Carolina Confronts Misclassification: What Your Organization Needs to Know about the Employee Fair Classification Act. (, 10/4/17)

Class Action Lawsuits that Make You Think Twice. (, 10/4/17)

What am I Doing Wrong? Common FMLA Mistakes: Not Properly COnsidering Treatment for Substance Abuse as FMLA-Qualifying. (, 10/4/17)

Details, Details, Details. (, 10/2/17)

Is Bullying Harassment? (, 10/2/17)

Tragedies to test Trump as Nation’s Comforter. (, 10/3/17)

Remembering Tom Petty, American Icon and Eternal Rock’n’Roll Underdog. (, 10/3/17)

50+ Killed in Las Vegas Strip Massacre; Suspect had 10 Rifles, Police Say. (, 10/2/17)

What Does the EEOC’s Lawsuit Against Estee Lauder Mean for Parental Leave Policies? (, 9/27/17)

Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dead at 91. (, 9/28/17)

Framework for Tax Reform. (, 9/27/17)

New Jersey Supreme Court Clarifies Statute of Limitations in Construction Defect Cases. (, 9/27/17)

Trump Waives Jones Act Shipping Restrictions for Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico. (, 9/28/17)

Arbitrator Awards $40 Million in Gender and Sexual Orientation Case. (, 9/25/17)

Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison in Teen Sexting Case. (, 9/25/17)

White House Expands Travel Ban, Restricting Visitors from Eight Countries. (, 9/24/17)

GOP Revises Obamacare Repeal with Bill Headed to Likely Defeat. (, 9/25/17)

Delaware County Sues Opiod Drugmakers for Epidemic Costs, Treatment for Addicted. (, 9/21/17)

Darci Lynne Farmer, 12, is the New Champion of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ (, 9/20/17)

Hurricane Maria Rips Caribbean, Leaves Puerto Rico Powerless for Months. (, 9/21/17)

Women May Experience Concussion Symptoms Differently Than Men. (, 9/18/17)

Toys ‘R’ Us Files for Bankruptcy Protection in US. (, 9/19/17)

Trump Confirms Support for Law to Protect ‘Dreamers.’ (, 9/14/17)

Charges Dismissed Against Amtrak Engineer in Philadelphia Derailment. (, 9/12/17)

Hurricane Jose a Potential Threat to U.S. East Coast Next Week. (, 9/11/17)

Irma Destroyed about 25% of Houses in Florida Keys, FEMA Says. (, 9/12/17)

401(k)/403(b) Loan Borrowers – Check your Paystubs! (, 9/11/17)

Irma now a Tropical Storm, but Still Lashing Florida and Georgia. (, 9/11/17)

New Jersey Extends “Take-Home” Toxic Tort Liability. (, 9/10/17)

Live Stream: America Marks the Anniversary of 9/11. (, 9/11/17)

Equifax Breach: What to do if Your Data was Hacked. (, 9/8/17)

Blue States Sue Trump over DACA. (, 9/6/17)

Employers’ Rights to Monitor Office Emails to be Decided by European Court. (, 9/4/17)

Rescission of DACA Program: What Employers Need to Know. (, 9/6/17)

South Carolina Couple Sues Amazon Over Faulty Eclipse Glasses. (, 9/5/17)

Illinois Governor Vetoes Employment Bills Aimed at Salary History Inquiries, Wage Issues. (, 8/30/17)

Former Eagles All-Pro Jon Runyan Explains Why He’s an Uber Driver – and What Happens When Fans Recognize Him. (, 8/26/17)

Penn State Employee Due to Testify Amid Scrutiny in Fraternity Pledge’s Death. (, 8/30/17)

‘Whole City’ Now Underwater as Harvey Makes Another Landfall. (, 8/30/17)

Center for Food Safety Sues Trump Administration over GM Labeling. (, 8/29/17)

Bengals Linebacker Vontaze Burfict Given 5 Game Suspension for Hit in Preseason Game. (, 8/29/17)

9th Circuit Court to Hear Arguments on Trump Travel Ban. (, 8/28/17)

Harvey Expected to Trigger Modest Gas Price Hike: Analyst. (, 8/27/17)

Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio, Who Became Face of Crackdown on Illegal Immigration. (, 8/25/17)

Labor Law Lessons from Our Favorite Films: Dirty Dancing. (, 8/18/17)

Samsung Chief gets 5-Year Prison Term for Corruption. (, 8/25/17)

NLRB Finds Sports Team’s Electronic-Content Workers as Employees Eligible to Unionize. (, 8/24/17)

Hurricane Harvey Strengthens to Category 2 Storm as Thousands Flee the Texas Gulf Coast. (, 8/25/17)

No Quick Answers Expected in Federal Review of SEPTA Train Crash. (, 8/22/17)

Norristown High Speed Line Trains Running on Modified Schedule Day After Crash. (, 8/23/17)

Is Your Paternal Leave Policy Really Gender Neutral? (, 8/21/17)

42 Hurt in SEPTA Train Crash Outside Philadelphia. (, 8/22/17)

Dick Gregory, Civil Rights Activist and Comedian, Dead at 84. (, 8/20/17)

Jerry Lewis, comedian, dies at 91. (, 8/21/17)

The Solar Eclipse is Here. (, 8/21/17)

Seventh Circuit Says EEOC May Press on with Enforcement Efforts After Right-to-Sue.  (, 8/17/17)

Fourth Executive Walks Away from Trump after Charlottesville. (, 8/15/17)

Off-Duty Emails May Be Compensable (or Not). (, 8/14/17)

Multiple Choices: Compliance Considerations in the Shifting Landscape of Pre-Employment Testing. (, 8/14/17)

New Sexual Violence Prevention Education Policy Adopted by National Collegiate Athletic Association. (, 8/14/17)

Big Ben in London is Going Silent for Four Years of Repairs – So No More Bongs. (, 8/14/17)

Taylor Swift No Longer Defendant in Lawsuit Against Her, Others. (, 8/13/17)

McMaster Calls Violence in Charlottesville ‘Terrorism,’ as Trump Pressed to Reject Groups. (, 8/14/17)

EEOC Sues AT&T Pacific Bell for Disability Discrimination. (, 8/13/17)

Transgender Military Personnel Sue Trump over Service Ban. (, 8/9/17)

Taylor Swift Takes the Stand: ‘I felt him Grab onto my Bare Ass Cheek.’ (, 8/10/17)

Tillerson Dials Back Rhetoric after Trump’s North Korea ‘Fire and Fury’ Threats. (, 8/9/17)

District Court Finds a Text Message Sent to Complete a Transaction is Not Telemarketing. (, 8/8/17)

US Economy Adds More Jobs in July than Expected. (, 8/4/17)

Toyota and Mazda to Build $1.6 Billion Factory in the U.S. (, 8/4/17)

U.S. International Trade Commission Will Not Bar Hoverboards. (, 8/3/17)

FMLA – Not Just A Large Employer Concern. (, 8/2/17)

Is “Class Arbitration” an Oxymoron – a Shoe Drops in the Second Circuit. (, 8/1/17)

Bass Pro to Pay $10.5 Million to Settle EEOC Discrimination and Retaliation Suit. (, 7/30/17)

U.S. State Department Warns Tourists about Tainted Alcohol at Mexico Resorts after Blackouts Reported. (, 7/26/17)

Trump Seeks to Ban Transgender People from Serving in U.S. Military ‘in any Capacity’. (, 7/26/17)

Employer’s Asking Employee “How Things Are Going?”, Prelude to Unlawful Solicitation of Grievances, Board Majority Rules. (, 7/26/17)

Who is Responsible for Providing Disability-Related Workplace Accommodations to Temporary Employees? (, 7/25/17)

Hershey Company Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination. (, 7/22/17)

HSAs and the ERISA Fiduciary Rule: What Employers Should Know. (, 7/19/17)

Title IX: College and University Risk Management. (, 7/14/17)

EEOC Sues Advanced Home Care for Disability Discrimination. (, 7/16/17)

10 Days of Horror: The Killings that Stunned Small-Town Pennsylvania. (, 7/16/17)

Money, Power, & Sexual Harassment. (, 7/17/17)

U.S. Missile Defense Plans to Zap North Korean Threats. (, 7/17/17)

Travel Ban Does Not Apply to Grandparents and Other Close Relatives, Hawaii Court Rules. (, 7/14/17)

Team Keeps Digging after 1 of 4 Missing Pennsylvania Men Found Dead.(, 7/13/17)

Donald Trump Jr. ‘Red Handed’ on Time Cover. (, 7/13/17)

Telecommuting May Not be a Reasonable Accomodation. (, 7/13/17)

$32.5 Million Class Action Settlement in MetLife Race Discrimination Case.(, 7/5/17)

Massachusetts Senate Passes Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. (, 7/5/17)

Rep. Steve Scalise Back in Intensive Care Unit. (, 7/6/17)

Trump Warns of ‘Severe’ Consequences for North Korea, but won’t Draw ‘Red Lines’. (, 7/6/17)

Facts About Fireworks: 11,000 Injures, 4 Deaths in 2016. (, 6/30/17)

Before you Give your Kid A Sparkler, Read This. (, 6/30/17)

Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Sinks below 40% as Twitter Controversies Swirl. (, 7/3/17)

Venus Williams at Fault in Deadly Florida Car Crash, Police Say. (, 6/30/17)

Chris Christie’s Sunbathing Pics Clinch it: He’s Stopped Caring. (, 7/3/17)

Military Option for North Korea Being Prepared for Trump, McMaster Says.(, 6/29/17)

Top Vatican Official Cardinal George Pell Denies Sex Offense Accusations.(, 6/29/17)

Woman Fatally Shoots Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt. (, 6/29/17)

Travel Ban 2.0 Set to Begin Thursday Evening. (, 6/29/17)

Hey, Alexa: What’s New in Children’s Privacy?…FTC Updates COPPA Guidance.(, 6/27/17)

Sarah Palin Sues New York Times. (, 6/27/17)

Amtrak Service Resumes Between Philadelphia, Washington after 2 People Struck on Track. (, 6/28/17)

Senate Health Care State of Play: ‘Hanging by a Thread.’ (, 6/27/17)

EU Slaps Google With Record $2.7 Billion. (, 6/27/17)

Gas Prices Stun Analysts: July 4 Lower than Jan. 1. (, 6/27/17)

Supreme Court will Hear Religious Liberty Challenge to Gay Weddings.(, 6/26/17)

Supreme Court Reinstates Trump’s Travel Ban, but only for Some Immigrants.(, 6/26/17)

Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Banning Sex Offenders from using Social Networking Websites. (, 6/19/17)

California Bans Travel to Texas and 3 Other States. (, 6/23/17)

Family Declines Autopsy for Former North Korea Detainee Otto Warmbier.(, 6/21/17)

James Corden Sends 297 Copies of ‘Philadelphia’ to Mar-a-Lago for Trump.(, 6/21/17)

In Georgia, Karen Handel Staves Off National Democratic Challenge.(, 6/20/17)

“You Can’t Fire Me, I just Came Back from FMLA Leave.” (, 6/20/17)

Sobering Results: Recent Study Suggests Drug Use Is Up Among American Workers. (, 6/20/17)

Nursing-Home Official: DA Seth Williams Misused Funds Meant for his Mother’s Care. (, 6/20/17)

The Uber Sexual Harassment and Diversity Report: 5 Key Takeaways.(, 6/14/17)

Rebel Wilson Wins Defamation Case Against Publisher. (, 6/15/17)

On Day 3, Cosby Jury Asks to Again Hear Constand’s Testimony. (, 6/14/17)

London Tower Block Fire: At Least 12 Dead, Number Expected to Rise. (, 6/14/17)

Republican House Whip Steve Scalise, Congressional Staffer Shot in Virginia Shooting. (, 6/14/17)

Comey’s Testimony Underscores Need for Strong Whistleblower Protections.(, 6/14/17)

Top Uber Exec Steps Down as CEO Faces Uncertain Future. (, 6/12/17)

After Loss, LeBron James Faces the Future: The Warriors Are ‘Built to Last.’ (, 6/13/17)

Dog Bite Claims Eat up Significant Percentage of Homeowner Insurance Claims. (, 6/13/17)

Tony Awards: Bette Midler’s Hilariously Long Speech Stole the Show.(, 6/12/17)

Dear Evan Hansen Wins Big at the 71st Tony Awards. (, 6/12/17)

Hiring Best Practices: 5 DOs and DON’Ts When Job Applicant Announces Pregnancy. (, 6/9/17)

EEOC to Examine Age Discrimination at Commission Meeting. (, 6/10/17)

Did You Know Your Choice of Emoji Can Have Legal Consequences? Picture of Chipmunk is Worth Two Thousand Words – and about $2,000. (, 6/8/17)

Video Captures Woman Fall Into Sidewalk Cellar While Texting.(, 6/8/17)

‘Lordy’ Start Trending on Twitter, Thanks to James Comey. (, 6/8/17)

New Title VII Promotion Discrimination Decision Explores Pretext Analysis.(, 6/6/17)

What to Know about the Ketogenic Diet. (, 6/7/17)

George and Amal Clooney Welcome Twins. (, 6/7/17)

Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Open with Attack on Accuser’s Credibilty. (, 6/5/17)

‘Hey Boss, F*@& You!’ Profanity-Laced Facebook Tirade not enough to Get the Axe. (, 6/5/17)

Nursing Homes Regularly Improperly Administer Blood Thinners Such as Coumadin. (, 6/5/17)

What is “Constructive Discharge” and How Does it RElate to My Employment Discrimination Case? (, 6/5/17)

Former FBI Director James Comey to Testify before Senate Intelligency Committee Next Thursday. (, 6/1/17)

Councilman David Oh Stabbed During Street Robbery Newar his Southwest Philly Home. (, 6/1/17)

The On-Call Physician’s Liability for Failing to Respond to Emergency Room Call. (, 5/31/17)

FTC Warns Employers: Keep Background Check Disclosures Simple.(, 6/1/17)

Covfefe: When a Typo Goes Viral. (, 5/31/17)

A Stacked Deck: Getting Justice for Grand Jury Leaks. (, 5/30/17)

Inaugural Iceland Flight with Kenney Aboard is Diverted. (, 5/31/17)

Do School Dress Codes End Up Body Shaming Girls? (, 5/30/17)

Woman Wins $100K in Hot Coffee Lawsuit Against Starbucks. (, 5/19/17)

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Block on Trump’s Travel Ban. (, 5/25/17)

NYC Law Prohibits Employers from Asking Job Applicants for Salary History.(, 5/24/17)

E-Cigarette Litigation is Lighting Up. (, 5/24/17)

Airlines at PHL Agree to $900 Million in Improvements. (, 5/23/17)

College Not Required to Alter Academic Program for Reasonable Accomodation. (, 5/22/17)

Manchester Bombing: Live Updates. (, 5/23/17)

What to Do When ICE Comes Knocking. (, 5/19/17)

For These Philly Librarians, Drug Tourists and Overdose Drills are Part of the Job. (, 5/21/17)

Trump Arrives in Israel in Search of ‘The Ultimate Deal.’ (, 5/22/17)

Comey Cracks Republican Wall: GOP Pols Voice Concerns on Trump ‘Drama’.(, 5/17/17)

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg Announces the end of ‘Mike & Mike’ with an Emotional Thank You. (, 5/17/17)

Philadelphia Sues Wells Fargo for Allegedly Discriminating Against Minority Borrowers. (, 5/15/17)

Class Action Waiver in Employment Arbitration Agreement is Unenforceable, Court Rules. (, 5/15/17)

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation – The Wave Grows.(, 5/15/17)

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention will Keep Older Adults Safe and Independent.(, 5/12/17)

Meet the Secrety of Labor, RT. Alexander Acosta. (

Do You Have Enforceable Contract for Sale of Family-Owned Business Interests or Just Agreement to Agree? (, 5/10/17)

PA Voters’ View on Marijuana: Legalize it, Dude. (, 5/11/17)

James Comey Doesn’t Quibble with Trump’s Right to Fire Him. (, 5/10/17)

Judges Appear Divided on Trump’s Travel Ban. (, 5/9/17)

Security Footage Details Penn State Fraternity Pledge’s Final Hours in Fatal Hazing Ritual. (, 5/8/17)

New Jersey’s New Home Warranty Program: Beware the Double-Edged Sword.(, 5/7/17)

Family Sues Toy Drone Manufacturer for Christmas Day Injury.(, 5/7/17)

Coach Buying Kate Spade in $2.4 Billion Deal. (, 5/8/17)

Kushner Family Apologizes for Mentioning White House Adviser Jared Kushner. (, 5/8/17)

Delivering New Parental leave in the Trump Era: Can It Be Born?(, 5/4/17)

Monsignor Admits to Embezzling $500K to Cover Gambling Debts, Dinners, Concert Tickets. (, 5/4/17)

Human Factors Experts Evaluate Inadequate Signage Leading to Automotive Accident. (, 5/4/17)

Do Schools Allow Fidget Spinners Or Are They Too Distracting? (, 4/27/17)

Computer Surveillance by Employers in Canada: Finding Balance Between Business Interests and Employee Privacy Rights. (, 5/1/17)

California Employers Should Reevaulate Their Criminal Background Check Policies Before July 1, 2017. (, 5/2/17)

ADA Suit Against Steak ‘n’ Shake Wins Class Approval (, 5/1/17)

Refusal to Allow Employee to Rescind Her Voluntary Resignation Not an Adverse Employment Action. (, 4/30/17)

United Settles with Passenger Dragged off Flight. (, 4/27/17)

Home Depot Murder Case Teaches that Employer May be Held Liable.(, 4/27/17)

New Case: A Single, Vile Slur Could Create a Hostile Work Environment Under Title VII. (NatLawReview.com4/26/17)

Pay Attention to Bylaws When Taking Corporate Actions. (, 4/25/17)

North Korea Marks Anniversary with Massive Artillery Drill. (, 4/25/17)

Erin Moran Likely Died of Cancer Complications, Officials Say. (, 4/25/17)

Ann Coulter’s Backers at UC Berkeley File Lawsuit. (, 4/24/17)

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Sets Space Duration Record, Will Get a Call from Trump. (, 4/24/17)

Trump and Treasury Turn to Tax Reform. (, 4/24/17)

SEC Cracking Down on Ponzi Schemes. (, 4/23/17)

New Jersey State Courts Continue to Scrutinize Arbitration Agreements.(, 4/21/17)

Buy American and Hire American – New Executive Order Promises to Put American Workers First, But Practical Impacts Remain Unclear.(, 4/20/17)

Arkansas Executes Death Row Inmate Ledell Lee. (, 4/21/17)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Paris Attack that Killed 1 Police Officer and Wounded 2 More. (, 4/21/17)

Legal Ramifications of Uber Ignoring Drunk Driver Complaints.(, 4/20/17)

Bill O’Reilly is Forced Out at Fox News. (, 4/19/17)

Facebook Kiling Suspect Kills Himself After Pursuit. (, 4/19/17).

Georgia House Race, Seen as Trump Referendum, Heads to a Runoff. (, 4/18/17)

Julia Roberts is ‘People’s pick for ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ of 2017. (, 4/19/17)

The Fourth Circuit’s New Test for Joint Employment Under the FLSA and Why You Should Care. (, 4/17/17)

Wisconsin Court Holds Discharging Employee Because of Misconduct Caused by Disability Can Be Discrimination. (, 4/15/17)

‘Put on your Big Boy Pants’: Takeaways from Man’s Retaliation Suit.(, 4/12/17)

U.S. Steel Subsidiary to Pay $150,000 to Settle EEOC Religious Discrimination and Retaliation Suit. (, 4/17/17)

Do These Photos Unveil what Really Caused the Titanic to Sink? (, 4/14/17)

Comcast Drops the F-Bomb on Customer. (, 4/13/17)

‘Dark Day’ as Alabama Governer Cuts Plea Deal, Resigns. (, 4/11/17)

United Airlines CEO Doubles Down, Says Employees Followed Procedures, Passenger was Belligerent. (, 4/11/17)

Gorsuch Sworn-In as Supreme Court Ahead of Key Cases. (, 4/10/17)

State of New Jersey Encourages Drivers to Report Distracted Driving. (, 4/6/17)

After Son’s Attack by Neighbor’s Dog Paoli Mom Works to Change Dog Bite Law.(, 4/6/17)

NCAA To Address Historical Early Recruiting Legislation. (TheNationalLawReview, 4/5/17)

Pepsi Yanks Kendall Jenner TV Ad, Apologizes to Her. (USAToday, 4/5/17)

Steve Bannon Removed from National Security Council. (, 4/5/17)

Senate Prepares for Nuclear Showdown. (, 4/6/17)

Swedish Company Implants Microchip in Workers As Swipe Card. (, 4/5/17)

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Has Fallen Flat. (, 4/5/17)

Are You Coming In Today? An FMLA Intermittent Leave Toolkit.(, 4/4/17).

Frustrated Republicans Prepare for the Nuclear Option. (, 4/4/17)

Cowboys’ Tony Romo Will Reportedly Retire to Take a Job on Television.(, 4/4/17)

North Carolina Defeats Gonzaga for Redemption in National Championship.(, 4/4/17)

Democrats Secure Vote to Block Gorush as Senate Panel Considers Nominee.(, 4/3/17)

NLRB Will Not Hack Into Prior Decision Regarding Employee Email Use During Non-Work Time. (, 4/3/17)

Fair Play Fair Pay Act Reintroduced in Congress, Would Make Radio Pay Artists.(, 3/31/17)

Phillies Rookie with Amazing Underdog Story Tears up after Making Opening-Day Roster. (, 3/30/17)

The Cup of Coffee that could Cause Heart Palpitations. (, 3/31/17)

Are ADA Lawsuit Plaintiffs Hucksters or Heroes? (, 3/30/17)

Trump Administration Appeals Court Ruling on Revised Travel Ban.(, 3/30/17).

Ivanka Trump is Making her White House Job Official. (, 3/30/17)

India’s Generous Maternity Leave May Be Bad for Women. (, 3/30/17)

Former Trump University Student Refuses Settlement Because She Wants to Hold President ‘Accountable for this Fraud.’ (, 3/29/17)

Uber Says 15% of U.S. Employees Hold Visas. (, 3/29/17).

Future of Affordable Care Act Week 8: Employer’s Guide to Collapse of American Health Care Act. (Spoiler Alert – News is Not all Bad). (, 3/28/17)

Ultracare Las Vegas Settles EEOC Sex Discrimination Lawsuit.(, March 27, 2017).

National Cheesesteak Day Freebies and Deals. (, 3/24/17)

Consolidated Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act (COBRA): Over 30 Years Later… COBRA Still Has Fangs. (, 3/23/17)

House Won’t Vote on Healthcare Thursday -Bill in Jeopardy. (, 3/23/17)

Disney Stole ‘Zootopia,’ Wrtier Claims in Lawsuit. (, 3/21/17)

Fear of Failure – Terminating Employees with Extensive FMLA and Non-FMLA Absences. (, 3/21/17)

USA Hockey Women’s Players to Meet Monday Over Wage Dispute.(, 3/19/17)

McDonald’s on Anti-Trump Tweet:Account was Hacked. (USAToday, 3/16/17)

Target Dealt $2.1M Verdict in Slip-and-Fall Case (, 3/16/17)

Police Ask Alexa: Who Dunnit?, 12/29/16)

EEOC Wins Jury Verdict in Sexual Harassment Case against Costco. (, 12/26/16)

Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Philadelphia Soda, 12/16/16)

Feds Want “Dance Mom” Star to Lose $120K in Foreign Currency Case. (, 12/20/16)

Hoboken Train Crash Victims Ready to Let Lawsuits Fly., 9/30/16 )

Ways to Prevent Stolen Packages During Holiday 2016 Shopping Season. (, 11/28/16)

Biggest Spike in Traffic Deaths in 50 Years? Blame Apps., 11/15/16)

Federal Judge Rules That Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation is Illegal Under Federal Law. , 11/7/16)

Now Your Boss Can Buy Back Your Vacation Days., 10/11/16)

State Attorney General Orders Trump Foundation to Cease Raising Money in New York., 10/3/16)

Transit Train Crashed at NJ Station, Injuring 100. (, 9/29/16)

Legal Experts Say Law Allowing 9/11 Families to Sue Saudi Arabia Has Consequences., 9/28/16)

Student Sues Penn Over Alleged Racial Bias in Investigation of Sexual Assault Accusation. (, 9/27/16)

The Market Street Collapse Trial is (Finally) Starting: Here’s What to Know. (, 9/19/16)

Bridgegate Trial: 5 Things to Know as Christie Traffic Scandal Reaches Court. (, 9/19/16)

Conviction Tossed for Man Whose Cyberbullying Led to Suicide of Rutger’s University Student., 9/9/16)

Gun Violence Surges in Chicago, Where Residents want to Show ‘Everything is not all Bad’, 9/6/16)

Former Fox Host Gretchen Carlson Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes for $20 Million. (, 9/6/16)

The NFL’s Concussion Case Could Still Go to The Supreme Court (, 8/31/16)

New FAA Small Drones Rules Go Into Effect: Here’s What You Need to Know to Get a Drone License., 8/30/16)

Mylan Launching Generic Version of EpiPen, 8/29/16)

Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams Appeal Against Blurred Lines Copyright Ruling. ( , 8/25/16)

F ans Injured in Railing Collapse Suing Snoop Dogg, Live Nation. ( , 8/24/16)

Judge in Texas Blocks Obama Transgender Bathroom Rules. (, 8/22/16)

NLRB: Graduate Students at Private Universities May Unionize. (, 8/23/16)

American Swimmers Pulled Off Plane in Rio. (, 8/17/16)

Homeowner Files Class-Action Lawsuit Telling ‘Pokemon GO’ To Get Off His Lawn., 8/3/16)

Massachusetts Bans Employers From Asking Applicants About Previous Pay. (, 8/2/16)

Cemetery Settles Suit over Hispanic Man’s Burial. (, 7/22/16)

Trump Calls Cruz Non-Endorsement ‘No Big Deal,’ Senator Defends Decision (, 7/21/16 )

Should Your Child Play Pok é mon Go? (, 7/15/16)

Philadelphia Jury Pins $70m Verdict on Janssen for its Risperdal Drug., 7/2/16)

No Charges for Clinton, FBI Says, Despite Biting Criticism. ( , 7/5/16)

Senators Seek Bipartisan Deal to Ban Gun Sales to People on No-Fly List. ( , 5/21/16)

Verizon Communications Inc. Reaches Tentative Agreement with its Wireline labor Union. (, 5/31/16)

Bill Cosby to Stand Trial for Assualt Charges (, 5/24/16)

Walmart Sues Visa over Chip Transactions with Debit Cards, 5/11/16)

Google Proposes ‘Professional Women’ Emojis ( , 5/11/15)

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $55 Million in Talc-Powder Trial (, 5/3/16)

Rejected Bus Driver Sues SEPTA Over Background Checks (, 4/28/16)

More than 500,000 Boycott Target over Transgender Bathroom Policy (, 4/25/16)

Flint Crisis Makes Governor Legal Target (, 4/24/16)

Judge Denies Chipotle’s Motion to Dismiss GMO Lawsuit , 4/21/16)

FBI Paid More than $1M for San Bernardino iPhone “hack” , 4/21/16)

Pa. Becomes 24th State With Legal Medical Marijuana, 4/17/16)

New Life for Medical Marijuana Bill in PA, 4/12/16)

Appeals Court Halts Class Action on Whether Uber Drivers are Employees (, 4/6/16)

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Wal-Mart Case; Pa. Workers Owed $224M (, 4/5/16)

Supreme Court Upholds ‘One Person, One Vote’ ( USA Today, 4/4/16)

Distracted Driving Citaitons Increase in Pennsylvania, 4/1/16)

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