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Delaware County firm takes effective action against careless property owners

If you were hurt in a Pennsylvania office building, retail store, gas station, parking lot or elsewhere, you may have the right to recover damages for your losses. The Pagano Law Firm, LLC, located in Radnor, is here to review the situation on your behalf. Our accomplished attorneys seek full compensation for victims in premises liability actions arising from falls, poor security and other types of property-owner negligence. If someone with legal responsibility for preventing unreasonably dangerous conditions has failed to do so, and that failure led you to become injured, our experienced lawyers will press for an appropriate verdict or settlement.

Delaware County lawyers represent victims of slip and fall accidents

Success in a premises liability suit requires proof that a defendant property owner or manager knew or should have known that his premises were unsafe and still failed to remedy the condition, and that violation of duty caused your injury. Our firm works tirelessly to prove these elements in slip and fall claims arising from negligence such as:

  • Snow and ice — Failure to clear driveways and sidewalks of hazardous accumulations promptly puts walkers at risk. Our firm identifies owners and other responsible parties after someone slips on snow, ice or wet pavement.
  • Poor maintenance — Failure to maintain or clean interior or exterior surfaces presents a significant hazard. We find the parties who are responsible for keeping conditions safe and litigate to hold them accountable.
  • Unsafe walkways — Cracked tiles, uneven sidewalks or objects left on a floor trip people without warning. If this happens to you, we will investigate to see if an individual or business failed to take reasonable safety precautions.
  • Wet floors — One spill on the floor of a restaurant or retail establishment can trigger a serious fall.

Even if you are unsure about exactly what caused your fall, we can evaluate the situation and discuss your legal options. Our attorneys offer a free initial consultation to personal injury victims, so there is no risk to you.

Knowledgeable injury attorneys prepare detailed litigation strategies

Under the laws of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, someone hurt in a fall can recover damages against a negligent defendant even if the victim contributed in some way to the injury. As long as the plaintiff’s share of the fault is less than 50 percent, recovery is possible in court, though it would be reduced by the percentage of blame assigned to the victim. For instance, if someone incurs $100,000 in damages after a fall on an unsafe floor, the eventual judgment would be for $80,000 if a jury held that the plaintiff was 20 percent at fault for the incident because their shoes were untied. In some instances involving hazardous situations, a defendant might be legally responsible for an injury even if no negligence is demonstrated based on the principle of strict liability.

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