Dog Bite Attorney in Radnor Works to Hold Negligent Pet Owners Accountable

Pennsylvania law firm assists people hurt in animal attacks throughout the Delaware Valley

Serving Delaware, Montgomery, Chester and Philadelphia Counties, The Pagano Law Firm, LLC battles to help victims secure proper compensation when they are attacked by a pet belonging to someone else. As a Radnor dog bite attorney who has a strong track record in personal injury cases throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, Marlo Pagano-Kelleher can help you take on defendant dog owners and their insurance companies. We strive to achieve a result that gives victims the chance to heal their physical and emotional wounds without facing a financial burden.  

Steps to take after a Pennsylvania dog bite

After being bitten by a dog, the actions you take can affect your health as well as a potential legal claim. Even if you are not in urgent distress, you should seek medical attention as quickly as possible to get an informed perspective on any current and future health consequences. If you are not aware of the animal’s owner, report the bite to animal control so the dog can be located and tested for rabies. Documenting the incident with as much detail as you can, including photos of your injury and contact information for witnesses, will strengthen your legal case.

Types of injuries caused by dog bites

Serious dog bites can have several short- and long-term effects on victims. If you’ve been attacked by someone else’s pet, you might be dealing with physical injuries, such as puncture wounds, blood loss or even a broken bone. This might force you to miss work and could result in permanent scarring. Many people hurt in dog bites also experience emotional trauma and have difficulty for years to come when a canine comes near them. Our firm strives to secure a remedy that fairly addresses the harm that a dog bite injury inflicts on a victim.

Compensation for Radnor, PA dog bite victims

Frequently, dog bite claims are covered by the insurance coverage the pet’s owner maintains to defend against premises liability claims. At The Pagano Law Firm, LLC, you can rely on a proven personal injury lawyer who will explore any potential sources for your financial recovery. Specific economic damages can include compensation for medical bills, reimbursement of income lost due to time missed from work and payment for clothes or other property damaged in the attack. You could also collect damages for the pain and suffering, mental anguish and disfigurement stemming from the incident.

Pennsylvania law regarding dog bites

Under Pennsylvania’s strict liability standard, victims of dog bites can collect damages for healthcare expenses even if the defendant owner never knew that their pet posed a threat. You do not have to delve into the dog’s breed or history of prior attacks in order to hold the defendant accountable. Should a plaintiff prove that the pet owner was negligent because they were aware of their animal’s dangerous propensities but failed to take reasonable measures to restrain the animal, other forms of personal injury damages, such as pain and suffering, are recoverable in a lawsuit.

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