Wage and Hour Claim Lawyer Advises Delaware County Clients

Pennsylvania law firm works to resolve payment disputes

Conflicts over whether employees have been properly paid can tear apart a workplace. If you think you did not get the money you earned or if a worker is accusing your company of violating the law, consulting a Radnor wage and hour claim lawyer should be your next step. The Pagano Law Firm, LLC provides counsel to southeast Pennsylvania clients on various wage-related disputes, including disagreements regarding overtime pay and minimum wage compliance.

Overview of wage and hour disputes

When you need an employment lawyer to deal with a matter related to an allegation of unpaid overtime, failure to provide the full amount of wages owed or some other issue, we can help. During informal communications and legal proceedings, our firm delivers strong advocacy for the individuals and businesses we represent. After learning the facts of your case, we’ll outline the pertinent legal standards and press for a favorable resolution.

Misclassification of employees

Companies do not have to pay a time and a half overtime premium to workers in the following categories if they receive a weekly salary of at least $250:

  • Professionals — Individuals in positions requiring advanced knowledge or training, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and architects
  • Executives — People in charge of a business, as well as those who manage a specific operation, location or group of employees
  • Administrative employees — Workers including insurance adjusters and academic advisers in nonmanual jobs who are able to exercise independent judgment

As independent contractors are not paid salaries, overtime laws do not apply them. Companies do sometimes misclassify workers as contactors or incorrectly state that an employee’s job falls into one of the overtime exemptions. If you have a question about whether time and a half is required, we can examine the specific circumstances and the authority the employer has.

Failure to pay minimum wage

Pennsylvania’s standard minimum wage corresponds with the federal rate of $7.25 per hour. Waiters and other employees who make at least $30 a month in tips are excepted from this rule. Their minimum hourly wage is $2.83 as long as that amount plus their tips matches or exceeds $7.25. Full-time students who work fewer than 20 hours per week when school is in session must be paid at least 80 percent of the standard minimum wage. Despite the fact that they might earn commissions, sales people are entitled to receive the minimum hourly wage, plus a premium when they work more than 40 hours in a week. In addition to past due pay and liquidated damages owed to workers, employers that fail to honor the minimum wage law could face fines and even jail time.

Unpaid wages owed to Pennsylvania employees

Despite the law, there are several ways that unscrupulous employers try to avoid their responsibility to pay workers fairly. Though Pennsylvania businesses are not required to provide breaks to workers 18 years old and over, if breaks lasting 20 minutes or fewer are given, workers must be paid for that time. There might also be instances where tips are not properly allocated among workers or where employees must spend time doing work-related activities, such as cleaning up, while off the clock.

Remedies in wage and hour disputes

Several different forms of monetary remedies can be awarded when an employer violates wage laws. Workers can collect the back pay they are owed, as well as additional liquidated damages amounting to 25 percent of the unpaid salary. Claimants are also eligible to receive reimbursement for the attorney’s fees used to bring their claim.

Contact a Pennsylvania lawyer for assistance with a wage dispute

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