Pennsylvania Lawyer for Victims of Hot Liquid Burns

Firm handles cases stemming from burn injuries caused by negligence in the Philadelphia metro area

When a piping-hot drink hits you, it might be more than merely uncomfortable. Along with severe pain, you could suffer a serious injury to your skin, and perhaps even nerve damage. At The Pagano Law Firm, LLC in Radnor, Marlo Pagano-Kelleher is a Pennsylvania hot liquid burns lawyer who takes action against negligent restaurants, coffee shops and other parties throughout Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia counties. With significant experience in the area of burn injuries and securing substantial results and settlements for clients who have been hurt because someone else did not use proper care. 

Proving negligence in coffee and hot liquid burn cases

Scalding that occurs when hot liquid or steam comes in contact with a person’s skin causes topical injuries and sometimes penetrates to harm nerves or internal tissue. If you or someone you love suffered this type of burn due to someone else’s fault, our firm can analyze the facts and advocate for proper compensation. When appropriate, we consult with experts to identify if coffee, tea or other liquid was too hot, if carelessness led to a dangerous steam release, a lid wasn’t properly sacred, a cup not secure in a carrier or if some other form of negligence was the proximate cause of the scald or burn injury. 

Establishing liability in restaurant and coffee shop burn cases

Restaurants owe a duty of care to their patrons. If they violate that duty and the patron suffers an injury because of that violation, then the restaurant should compensate the victim for the harm that results. A lawsuit involving a hot liquid burn could stem from the negligence of a worker or a lack of care taken to maintain safe premises. Our firm has the experience, knowledge and know how to secure substantial financial recoveries for plaintiffs in personal injury claims such as hot liquid and burn related cases. We know how to collect physical evidence, medical records, witness testimony, relevant documents and other materials in order to demonstrate that the defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff’s liquid burn.  

Common causes of restaurant accidents that lead to burns

There are numerous ways in which someone can suffer a liquid burn injury while in a restaurant, such as:

  • Spills of hot beverages — Coffee, tea and other hot beverages must be kept at a safe temperature. Otherwise, a small bump, a broken cup or something else might trigger a spill that causes excruciating pain and necessitates extensive medical treatment. 
  • Steam bursting — A blast of steam from a boiling pot or dishwasher is capable of scalding someone who is standing nearby. 
  • Cooking — Oil that splatters when food is being fried and other scorching-hot substances pose a danger to restaurant workers and diners. This is a particular concern with fajitas and other dishes that are served to patrons while sizzling. 

Whatever led to your burn injury, you should act immediately to retain a lawyer who is familiar with these types of claims. Our firm has secured substantial verdicts and settlements in cases where people suffered severe burns.

Compensation for burn injuries in Pennsylvania

After you’ve been burned, you might require intensive medical treatment, which could include one or more skin-graft procedures. Attorney Marlo Pagano-Kelleher will work diligently to obtain full reimbursement for the healthcare expenses and lost income related to your injuries. You can also count on us to pursue compensation for the searing pain and suffering that you endured, as well as any scarring or other type of disfigurement associated with your liquid burn. We will advise you on other specific damages that might be available as well, such as compensation for your emotional distress and the loss of enjoyment in your or your spouse’s life. Whatever burn-related conditions you experienced, it is best to reach out promptly, because there is a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits in Pennsylvania. 

Contact a skillful Pennsylvania burn injury lawyer for a consultation 

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