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Pennsylvania attorney develops all types of legal agreements

Running a business requires the creation of reliable contracts with beneficial terms. Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side can help you close deals and take the necessary legal action against the other party to your agreement if they fail to fulfill their obligations. The Pagano Law Firm, LLC in Radnor delivers skillful representation from a contracts lawyer who handles a full range of contract concerns.

Types of contracts

Contracts are supposed to reflect the “meeting of the minds” that occurs when two or more parties agree to a deal. However, without the skillful guidance of a seasoned business lawyer, you might agree to unfavorable terms or language that a court will not enforce. We assist companies and individuals with all types of contracts, including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Construction project agreements
  • Transfers and leases of real property

No matter what your specific contract entails, we have the insight and experience to see that you fully understand each side’s rights and obligations under the agreement in question.

Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts in Pennsylvania

Our firm’s services include the drafting, review and negotiation of contract terms. You can count on us for a careful, accurate analysis of a proposed agreement so you can move forward with confidence. Undoing a valid agreement is very difficult, so it is critical to avoid ambiguous language and other common pitfalls. 

Breach of contract claims 

The Pagano Law Firm, LLC represents parties in breach of contract litigation involving all types of agreements and allegations, such as:

  • Failure to pay for a product or service
  • Credit card debt disputes
  • Violation of non-compete clauses and other employment agreements
  • Construction project conflicts
  • Insurance policy disputes, including business interruption and bad faith claims

Even if you have a strong claim, you could face legal challenges securing the remedy you deserve. If the party you contracted with claims to lack the funds needed to make you whole, it might be necessary and warranted to pursue a recovery from the owner’s personal assets, sometimes referred to as “piercing the corporate veil.” Whether you believe someone has violated their contractual duties or you have been accused of a breach, we deliver effective advocacy in pursuit of a just outcome.

Remedies for contract disputes

Numerous forms of relief can be ordered in a breach of contract case, such as: 

  • Restitution — Compensation for losses suffered due to the breach
  • Rescission — Cancellation of contractual terms
  • Specific performance — An order requiring the party in breach to complete obligations under the agreement
  • Liquidated damages — Payment specified in the contract as the penalty to be applied to a breaching party
  • Nominal damages — An award given to a party in recognition that a breach has occurred but where compensatory damages are not warranted

No matter how complex the situation might seem, we review the relevant facts exhaustively to determine the full amount of what a breach of contract victim is owed.

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