Truck Accident Attorneys Represent Injured Parties in PA

Experienced Pennsylvania lawyers pursue claims against dangerous drivers and their employers

Tractor trailers and other large, heavy trucks pose a particularly serious danger to other vehicles on the road, and even commercial vans and light trucks frequently cause accidents. These mishaps can be caused by careless driving and other problems, such as poor road conditions and congested arteries. The highways and intersections in and around Radnor can be particularly treacherous. The personal injury attorneys at The Pagano Law Firm, LLC are committed to obtaining fair and adequate compensation for injuries suffered by victims of trucking accidents.

Protecting your rights when you are injured by careless truck drivers

As with any motor vehicle accident, liability in a collision involving trucks depends on the negligence of the parties. Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Speeding — Truckers may be so intent on meeting unrealistic deadlines that they drive too fast for road conditions.
  • Driver fatigue — Federal regulations require truck drivers to take periodic breaks, but many violate that requirement, driving when they are too tired to do so safely. Our experience helps us to spot possible falsification of time records and discover other evidence of possible fatigue.
  • Impaired driving — Truck drivers, like other motorists, are prohibited from driving when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A truck accident caused by an impaired driver is more likely to inflict serious damage.
  • Unlicensed and untrained drivers — Truck drivers need special training and licenses, which are designed to ensure safe driving. In some cases, accidents are the fault of drivers who lack these credentials.
  • Mechanical defects and poor maintenance — The problem might not be with the driver but with the truck itself. When a truck component is defective or the vehicle has been poorly maintained, other parties may share in the responsibility for an accident.

Trucks such as tractor-trailers can cause a number of different types of accidents, including:

  • Jack-knifes — when the trailer pushes the cab from behind, causing it to spin sideways or entirely around
  • Rollovers — when the truck turns over on itself
  • Blowouts — when a tire ruptures, causing the truck to skid dangerously
  • Wide turns — when the truck tries to negotiate too sharp a turn and endangers vehicles in adjacent lanes
  • Under-rides — when a passenger vehicle becomes wedged under the truck chassis

As part of our litigation strategy, we determine the causes of an accident, identify which parties are potentially at fault and pursue all legal remedies available.

Seeking compensation for victims of Pennsylvania trucking accidents

Truck accidents often result in serious bodily harm — such as brain and spinal injuries, permanent disabilities and even fatalities— to innocent drivers and passengers of other vehicles and to pedestrians.

The truck driver himself might not have sufficient insurance to cover your damages or those of your loved ones, but other parties who have the ability to pay might also be responsible. Trucking companies are liable for any injuries their employees cause. A company that hires a driver when it knows or should know he or she is not competent to drive safely may be liable for resulting injuries. The manufacturer of a truck may be liable for defects the truck had when it was sold and the truck’s owner may be liable for any defects caused by poor maintenance. Finally, a trucking company’s parent company might be liable for any injury for which its subsidiary is liable. We work diligently to build cases for all of the damages to which our clients are entitled.

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