Work with an attorney in seeking compensation against uninsured motorist

Insurance is clearly an important resource for any driver involved in an auto accident, whether for the driver responsible for the crash or for the victim of a crash. Going without insurance is illegal and puts one at risk of various penalties and liabilities. And as one Pennsylvania man is finding out the hard way, it does not work to buy insurance after you already need it.

Now charged with insurance fraud by deception, the man reportedly secured auto insurance coverage through the company Safe Auto Insurance immediately after and from the scene of a crash in Duncansville last August. The man then filed an insurance claim the next day, reporting that he was involved in an accident an hour after the crash actually occurred.

Going without insurance is not an option for drivers who want to be law-abiding and who are at all concerned about their financial security and their own health and safety. Motorists who are harmed by an uninsured driver do have the ability to sue for damages, and those who have been involved in an accident involving an uninsured motorist should work with an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure they receive guidance and advocacy in seeking compensation.

One of the unfortunate realities of dealing with uninsured motorists is that they often do not have the ability to pay judgments against them. Still, accident victims harmed by such a motorist can always benefit from consulting with an attorney, if not by seeking compensation from the at-fault driver then by making sure they receive the insurance coverage due to them under their policy.

In a future post, we’ll talk about auto insurance requirements in Pennsylvania and the importance of working with an attorney when problems arise with insurance coverage.