What Should I do If I Get In A Car Accident?

This winter season sure got off to a blustering start with Winter Storm Jonas blanketing most of the East Coast with record-breaking snowfall. In the wake of the storm, there has been flooding, snow melting, and re-icing. Crews have been working to keep the roads safe and clean, but auto accidents are on the rise.

While motor vehicle accidents can happen any time of year, winter can be the busiest season for them. So we're here to help with some critical steps you should take after an accident.

1. Remain calm and secure the accident scene with hazard flashers, and, if available, flares.

2. If needed, call 911 for medical help immediately.

3. Get as much information from the other driver as possible - the person's name and contact information, insurance information, license plate number and issuing state, make and model of cars involved. If possible, take photos of the scene before cars are moved.

4. Only discuss the details of the accident with the police, and do not accept fault with anyone.

5. Notify your insurance company.

6. If necessary, get your injuries looked at by a physician. Just because you do not feel hurt after a car accident, injuries can be masked by the adrenaline, and it's always best to be seen.

7. Document any effects after the accident - keeping a journal of how you are feeling for several days to several weeks after the accident, and tracking doctor's visits is an important step.

8. Speak with one of our Media, PA Personal Injury Lawyers and come in for a Free Consultation to discuss your rights and legal options.

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