Stay Safe this Fourth of July

Monday is July 4th. Many of us will be celebrating the anniversary of our independence as a country with good old-fashioned cookouts, barbeques, picnics, and of course fireworks and sparklers.

In Pennsylvania, you are required to have a permit for most fireworks. However, some smaller novelty items, like sparklers, do not require permits.

While you're celebrating this weekend, and letting the lights sparkle, it's important to follow some safety precautions to help prevent injury to both people and property.

  1. Supervise children near sparklers, and supervise children who are handling sparklers.
  2. Stand up. When you're using sparklers if you're sitting and one drops, it will likely land in your lap or on your legs.
  3. Wear shoes that cover the tops of your feet and toes. Even when you use sparklers while standing, dropping one on your foot, or even being beneath the sparks as they fly, can cause mild to moderate burns on your feet.
  4. Do not pass around lit sparklers. This can often lead to dropping one.
  5. Light only one sparkler at a time.
  6. Give everyone enough room. You should be about six feet apart from one another when using sparklers, so that no one gets hit by sparks.
  7. Don't throw, toss, or wave sparklers. They can slip, spin, fall, and cause damage.
  8. Dispose in water. Even when the lights and flames go out, the sparklers are hot and can cause burns and start fires. Keep a bucket of water close by to drop used sparklers in.

If someone gets burned, rinse with cool water. Do not use ice or ice water. Seek medical assistance if pain doesn't subside shortly or if there are large blisters.

If your clothing catches fire, remember to stop, drop, and roll.

Stay safe this Fourth!

From your friends at The Pagano Law Firm.