Potholes pose potential safety issue for motorists

With a particularly harsh winter behind us, things have warmed up considerably and Philadelphia residents are undoubtedly enjoying it immensely. Because the winter was harsher than usual, though, the pothole problem is that much worse this spring. Road crews across the region have already begun the task of making much needed repairs. Since January, thousands of potholes have been filled and more work undoubtedly remains.

Potholes can be problematic from the standpoint of roadway safety, especially when they are considerable in size. Hitting a pothole can cause damage to one's vehicle, so drivers are justified in their attempts to avoid them. Doing so safely is not always entirely possible, though, and car accidents can occur when motorists aren't careful.

As we've mentioned before on this blog, motorists are always responsible for operating their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner at all times, even when they are trying to avoid potholes that could cause damage to their vehicle. Obviously, avoiding potholes is reasonable when it can be can be done safely, but motorists should avoid taking serious risks to avoid them. If it is a question of sustaining some damage to one's vehicle in exchange for avoiding an accident, it is better to avoid an accident. One can hopefully turn to insurance to take care of vehicle repairs if damage occurs.

Those who are harmed because of the negligence of another driver-even if the other driver was attempting to avoid hitting a pothole-have the right to be compensated for their injuries. Having the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney in these cases is important to ensure one has guidance in navigating the court system and advocacy of one's legal rights and interests.