Ever Wonder What to Do If Involved in a Car Accident? Here are a Few Helpful Hints.

It is an unfortunate truth that auto accidents happen. And, regardless of the precautions a driver may take to protect him/herself and passengers alike, there are all too often times where accidents are unavoidable. Add eggnog from a holiday party, snow, ice, and of course the ever-tempting distractions of electronic devices, well accidents will and do occur. So, if this happens to you and you are involved in an automobile accident or crash, don't be a victim -- be prepared!

Here are a few helpful hints: 1. Remain calm and if possible put your flashers on. 2. If you are in need of medical help, call 911 immediately. 3. Take photographs of the accident scene where possible and preferably before any of the cars are moved. 4. Don't talk with anyone other than the police, and never accept fault.

Be sure to gather as much information on the other driver or drivers involved as you can. For example, if involved in a car accident get the other driver's name, address, telephone number, driver's license number and the state of issue. Write down the make, model and license plate number of all cars involved in the accident and be sure to gather the person's auto insurance information including company name, policy number and address.

Where it may apply, if anyone involved in the car accident is driving in a company car, be sure to get the company name, address and a contact person should you or your auto accident attorney need to speak with down the road.

If there are any witnesses to the auto accident, be sure to get his/her name and ask them for a contact telephone number as well. It is also recommended that you take note of the name(s), badge and police department of any officers who come to the accident scene.

Use these helpful hints, drive safely and defensively and, if involved in an auto crash be sure to contact an experienced attorney to discuss your rights.