Designated Texter: The Hottest New Car Accessory

Certainly the term "designated driver" isn't new. If you're going out for a night on the town, expecting to consume a few alcoholic drinks, you designate someone to stay sober, don't drink and drive for fear of hurting yourself or someone else in an automobile accident. Let's not forget the likelihood of getting arrested for DUI and all the ramifications that come along with that including the loss of your license and often jail time.

But sobriety behind the wheel isn't the only concern nowadays. In our busy lives, there are a hundred different things that distract us at any moment of the day, not the least of which is your hand-held portable computer, also known as your cell phone.

When you're driving, so many of us have hands-free options for talking to friends, family, and coworkers, but more often than not, we're in constant contact by text. Imagine this: you're behind the wheel, your phone beeps with a message alert, your gaze darts to your hands-free holding device on the dash. Then, the screen blinks with your text icon, the message either partially or completely hidden from the home screen. Here, it's more than just your gaze that's not on the road. It's your attention, your focus, that splits. And, unfortunately you may not only be distracted but because of your mind wandering from the road you now find yourself the victim of an auto accident. It only takes a fraction of a second of inattention behind the wheel for disaster to strike.

Enter the designated texter. While of course there is no method of complete distraction less driving, why increase your odds of getting in a car accident, hurting yourself or someone else. We can designate a driver when it comes to drinking and driving, why not designate a texter when it comes to using our cell phones while driving? This is a concept that is gaining momentum, especially among young drivers. When you get into the car, you designate a friend, relative, parent, child, etc. as your texter du jour. You hand over your phone (and password if you need to) and tell them to read aloud and type your response to anyone who texts you when you're on your journey. It's like Siri, only with fingers.

There are, of course, some applications on certain devices that will read and respond to a text via voice command, and you may need to use them when driving alone. The designated texter is the way to go. Let's all be safe on the road and decrease our chances of getting involved in a car accident where we can.

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