Can I be Blamed For An Accident Caused By Sun Glare?

Sun glare while driving can be deadly. If you've ever driven a car, there is a real chance that at some point you've experienced a moment where you simply couldn't see in front of you due to the blinding sun. And, it is well understood that it only takes the blink of an eye for an accident to occur. Sun glare can be highly dangerous and can bring about the same hazardous road conditions we see with rain, snow, ice and fog.

How? Well simply put, when the sun is closer to the horizon, and more in your line of sight, below the level of a sun visor, it can be nearly impossible to see other drivers, pedestrians, or hazards on the road. And, the sun glare isn't simply a factor in summer months. Indeed, perhaps this dangerous road condition is heightened in the Fall and Spring when the trees are bare and the sun begins to set at an earlier time in the day.

Low visibility can cause accidents. And, the sun can present a real hazard. There is no law that excuses a person from liability even if they can prove that they were blinded by the sun when the car, bike or pedestrian accident occurred.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can combat sun glare on the road:

  • Wear polarized sunglasses. These can help reduce glare.
  • Use the sun visor when the sun is high enough.
  • Leave some extra space between your car and the one in front of you. Because decreased visibility means difficulty seeing what the car in front of you is doing, giving yourself extra space and time to react can help reduce the chance of an accident.
  • Keep both the inside and outside of your windshield clean.

Of course, sometimes accidents will happen, even when you take these kinds of precautions. If you've been injured in an automobile accident caused by sun glare, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. With years of experience handling personal injury auto and pedestrian accidents to learn more about your rights and what you might be entitled to, speak with one of our experienced auto accident attorneys today. Contact our Media Location, and schedule a free personal injury consultation today.