Black Ice and Auto Accidents

As that temperature outside begins to rise and fall, and rise and fall again, the prevalence of black ice, increases. Black ice can form on walkways, outdoor staircases, on driveways, and on roads. This increases the prevalence of auto accidents where weather is a factor. Auto accidents involving weather-related causes can result in personal injury.

When it is raining out, or has rained recently, and the temperature hovers at or below 32 degrees, black ice forms. It can also form when snow melts during the day's warmth and then refreezes overnight after the sun and temperatures go down.

Black ice is so called because it can be almost invisible to the naked eye, taking on the black sheen of the roadway beneath it. It can also be difficult to see on concrete and stone.

If you hit a patch of black ice, here are some things you can do to help maintain control of the car:

1. Don't slam on the brakes. This can cause the tires to lock and slide across the ice in unintended directions.

2. Don't jerk the steering wheel. Try to maintain a straight line. Jerking the wheel can cause the car to careen uncontrollably.

3. Lift your foot off the accelerator. This can help maintain or lessen speed without the problems that can be caused by slamming on the brakes

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