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Hoverboard Accidents

While the holiday season might be over, the danger from hoverboards still looms large. Perhaps you've seen the dozens of YouTube videos showing adventurous riders like Mike Tyson wiping out on their newfound "toy". And, though we are now four months past the Christmas during which hoverboards became one of the most popular gifts, reports of personal injuries and hoverboard-related fires still abound.

Potholes May Cause Auto Accidents.

You may not think of the cusp of the winter/spring season as bringing hazardous road conditions, but one thing you should keep in mind while you're driving is potholes. Each winter, as moisture falls into fissures in the concrete and asphalt, then freezes and expands, it creates cracks, holes and gaps in the road. And, what might start off as a small hole in the road can quickly increase in size with the repeated occurrence of extensive rain and ice storms.

Clean up in Aisle 7! 6 Figure Jury Verdict in Philadelphia Slip and Fall Case.

While you may know that companies, such as grocery and department stores, have a duty to clean up spills or leaks from roofs to keep their floors dry and safe for their customers and invitees, did you also know that they have to do the same during winter months when people track in snow, ice, water, and even rock salt?

The Weather Outside will be Frightful.

As Jack Frost blows into town, the prevalence of slips and falls rises. With icy sidewalks and staircases, the earlier twilight hours happening still within the workday, and wind drifts of snow, hazardous conditions abound. As a pedestrian, you can help prevent yourself from dangerous falls by ensuring you have proper rubber-soled footwear and are aware of your surroundings. However, it is also the responsibility of property owners to maintain their premises.

"Oh sure go ahead, my dog doesn't bite"

If you're a pet owner I am sure you've caught yourself saying that before. Someone visits your home or you and your furry little friend are out for a walk in the park, it is not uncommon to be asked, "may I pet your dog?" or "does he bite?" And almost certainly with pride you invite the person to go ahead and pet your dog, after all Sparky is well behaved because, well simply, because he is your dog and of course he is friendly - you wouldn't have it any other way.

A Question About Drunk Driving - Does The Valet Who Parks My Car Have a Duty To Withhold My Car Keys If He Or She Thinks I Am Intoxicated?

Well, the Pennsylvania Superior Court was asked this very question in a case of first impression, Moranko v. Downs Racing, PICS No. 15-0930. The answer was decided by an en banc panel 6-3 that ultimately held "No" a valet does not have a duty to withhold a patron's car keys even if he/she thinks the patron is too drunk to drive. In reaching its decision, the Court compared the situation between the patron and the valet to that of a bailor and bailee, the valet service being the bailee with a duty to relinquish control to the bailor once a demand is made. The Court explained that once the patron demanded his car the valet lost control of it despite the person being clearly too intoxicated to drive.

I fell On The Bus When The Driver Swerved - Can I Sue? Bus Accidents and the "Jerk And Jolt Doctrine" in Philadelphia - Just What Is It?

Have you ever been injured while riding in a bus? Or perhaps you know someone injured in a bus accident? Ever ride on a bus and the driver slams his/her brakes throwing you out of your seat and slamming you to the ground? Imagine falling, violently injuring yourself and then being told that you can't sue for personal injuries unless you can demonstrate that the jolt and jerk was "unusual" for a bus and not something a passenger could have reasonably anticipated.

Can I Sue My Kid's School Because She Got Hurt While Playing School Sports?

Sports related injuries in schools are not atypical. In fact, the main reason my brother wasn't allowed to join the middle school football team was my own mother's fear he'd end up with a back or head injury. While I sympathized with my brother, being forced to grapple with my over-protective mother, it turns out that some of these student athlete injuries are pretty serious. Not only are they pretty serious, but also some student athletes are looking for legal recourse through the federal judiciary. Maybe my mother wasn't completely off...

I Slipped and Fell On A Vacant Property - Who Is Responsible For My Injuries?

Imagine you are walking down the street, it's a rather normal Winter weekday, and while traveling this particular block has become routine to you even during inclement weather patterns, today you trip and fall on a patch of ice left over from a snow storm earlier that week. You are injured by the fall and later find out that you broke a bone in your ankle that will require surgery. The doctor estimates you will be off your feet for several weeks, meaning you will miss a lot of work, followed by at least two months with crutches and physical therapy. You become depressed, emotional and just want to hide yourself from the rest of the walking world.

Slips, Trips and Falls - Sidewalk Defects - Trivial And De Minimis - Whose Responsibility Are They Really?

While property owners have a duty to exercise reasonable care not to endanger the safety of others lawfully using the sidewalks abutting their premises, generally a property owner cannot be held liable for trivial or de minimis defects in those sidewalks. This is because a property owner is not an insurer of the safety of those using sidewalks in a business invitee commercial context and is not called on to maintain the property to perfection.

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