Reminder: exercise care behind the wheel, especially in slippery conditions

Readers are well aware of the uncharacteristic weather patterns this year and the way they have significantly impacted travel in some regions of the United States. Unsurprisingly, the inclemency of Mother Nature has put motorists in some regions at greater risk of motor vehicle accidents. Along with that risk, there is a greater need for motorists to take increased care on the road and to adjust their driving approach to meet the conditions in which they find themselves.

The changes necessary for driving safely in slippery and/or snowy conditions may be clear enough to those who deal with these conditions frequently, but perhaps not as much to those who don't deal with it as often.

Slippery conditions obviously mean less traction for motorists, so drivers need to reduce their speed when it is snowing or sleeting. Leaving extra room between vehicles is also important to ensure that there is enough time to come to a stop when necessary. Avoiding skidding is also important task when driving in slippery conditions. While many vehicles are equipped with antilock braking systems, some are not and drivers should know how to handle their vehicle so that uncontrolled skidding doesn't become an issue.

In addition to adjusting driving habits, it is also important to make sure one's vehicle is equipped to deal with snowy and slippery conditions. This includes making sure that tires have adequate tread and are properly inflated. Keeping one's deicer fluid filled up is also important to ensure one is able to see through the windshield properly.

These, of course, are only some suggestions concerning the caution drivers should exercise in slippery weather conditions, and are nothing earth-shattering. Still, exercising a little extra care behind the wheel can go a long way in helping folks to avoid accidents when weather conditions are dangerous. In our next post, we'll talk about the issue of negligence and how an attorney can help those who are injured by motorists who fail to exercise reasonable care in operating their vehicle.