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Nickelodeon, Google, and Your Child's Safety

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit heard information this month regarding Google cookies on a popular children's site, Nickelodeon, and whether Google's intent was to track children with the data.

Is It Against The Law For A Debt Collector to Call My Family And Friends?

Whether it's happened to you or you heard from a friend or acquaintance, debt collectors can be ruthless when it comes to satisfying a delinquent account. They will call, they will harass, they will seek out people around you, your workplace all in an effort to speak to you and to convince you to satisfy the debt or else. And, while the debt may truly stem from a loan or a payment that you defaulted on, the ruthless tactics and techniques used by debt collectors to satisfy the debt are oftentimes far in excess of the amount owed.

The House Always Wins -- Gamblers Ordered to Pay Back $1.5M in Winnings to the Golden Nugget.

Just imagine winning hundreds of thousands of dollars from a casino. You sit down at a card table with visions of breaking the bank, and sure enough the cards are turning in your favor. And while you've won hands before, this time is different. This time you recognize a pattern and in fact, you can't lose. You increase your bet. Well, why not? You figure, let's ride this out and see where we end up. After all, you're not doing anything wrong and neither are any of the other players at your table. The excitement builds; the celebration appears endless. Indeed, you are not alone; everyone at your table is winning. The high fives abound, the cheers, the good fortune, and its all yours as you peer above the ever-growing Mount Everest of chips in front of you.

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