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January 2016 Archives

Designated Texter: The Hottest New Car Accessory

Certainly the term "designated driver" isn't new. If you're going out for a night on the town, expecting to consume a few alcoholic drinks, you designate someone to stay sober, don't drink and drive for fear of hurting yourself or someone else in an automobile accident. Let's not forget the likelihood of getting arrested for DUI and all the ramifications that come along with that including the loss of your license and often jail time.

Can My Employer Preclude Me From Going To Court Simply Because the Handbook I Signed Contains A Mandatory Arbitration Provision?

Mandatory arbitration provisions in employee handbooks certainly are not new. Indeed, there likely is such a provision in your company's handbook and, while you may not even be aware of it, chances are you agreed to it as a condition to employment and certainly before any dispute arose between you and your employer. Nonetheless, the provision exist, and you can be sure that if a dispute arises between you and your employer your employer will force you to air your dispute in arbitration rather than a court of law. While there are many theories driving your employer's desire to avoid a trial by jury, the most common include the belief that arbitration is a quicker process, oftentimes less expensive then litigating through the court system and perhaps most advantageous to the employer - arbitration offers a private forum where unlawful employment practices are protected from public scrutiny.

Black Ice and Auto Accidents

As that temperature outside begins to rise and fall, and rise and fall again, the prevalence of black ice, increases. Black ice can form on walkways, outdoor staircases, on driveways, and on roads. This increases the prevalence of auto accidents where weather is a factor. Auto accidents involving weather-related causes can result in personal injury.

Have you Seen our Billboard?

Recently, we've placed a double-sided billboard on I-95 to help you remember our names and faces as you're out there driving, especially this winter. Though we've had a late start to winter this season, the weather is certainly coming, and as it does, the likelihood of accidents increases.

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