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February 2015 Archives

The House Always Wins -- Gamblers Ordered to Pay Back $1.5M in Winnings to the Golden Nugget.

Just imagine winning hundreds of thousands of dollars from a casino. You sit down at a card table with visions of breaking the bank, and sure enough the cards are turning in your favor. And while you've won hands before, this time is different. This time you recognize a pattern and in fact, you can't lose. You increase your bet. Well, why not? You figure, let's ride this out and see where we end up. After all, you're not doing anything wrong and neither are any of the other players at your table. The excitement builds; the celebration appears endless. Indeed, you are not alone; everyone at your table is winning. The high fives abound, the cheers, the good fortune, and its all yours as you peer above the ever-growing Mount Everest of chips in front of you.

Holding a commercial vehicle operator accountable for mechanical failures

In our last post on commercial vehicle accidents, we began discussing the issue involving sudden mechanical failures. Like other negligence cases, personal injury lawsuits involving equipment failures on commercial vehicles require a showing of negligence. The basic elements of a negligence case are: duty, breach, causation and harm, and providing adequate evidence to support each element can be a challenge.

Two Years Or Not Two Years - that is the Question . . . Statute of Limitations in Limited Tort Cases - When Does It Begin to Run?

You find yourself the victim of a car accident. While it is unfortunate, and oftentimes very scary, auto accidents are all too common and even more so during the winter months when the risk factors are on the rise. Ice storms, snow, wet roads and limited visibility are to only name a few. You have limited tort coverage.

Out of Work If You Do, Out of Work If You Don't . . . Just How Ironclad is That Non-Compete You Signed?

At some point in your career you may find yourself asking this very question. Consider the situation where you are offered a job and made to sign an agreement that contains "non-compete/non-solicitation" clauses. Eager to secure the position and no intention of ever leaving, you of course sign and the agreement is buried in your employee file presumably collecting dust.

Can I hold a commercial vehicle operator liable for sudden mechanical failure?

Commercial vehicle safety is a very important issue when it comes to the overall goal of increasing highway safety. Because of the size and weight of most commercial vehicles, the potential risk to both passengers and other motorists is significant. Readers are fairly used to seeing headlines about truck accidents, commercial bus accidents, and school bus accidents, and know that these accidents can have serious consequences in terms of injuries and fatalities.

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