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Family Declines Autopsy for Former North Korea Detainee Otto Warmbier. (, 6/21/17)

James Corden Sends 297 Copies of 'Philadelphia' to Mar-a-Lago for Trump. (, 6/21/17)

In Georgia, Karen Handel Staves Off National Democratic Challenge. (, 6/20/17)

"You Can't Fire Me, I just Came Back from FMLA Leave." (, 6/20/17)

Sobering Results: Recent Study Suggests Drug Use Is Up Among American Workers. (, 6/20/17)

Nursing-Home Official: DA Seth Williams Misused Funds Meant for his Mother's Care. (, 6/20/17)

The Uber Sexual Harassment and Diversity Report: 5 Key Takeaways. (, 6/14/17)

Rebel Wilson Wins Defamation Case Against Publisher. (, 6/15/17)

On Day 3, Cosby Jury Asks to Again Hear Constand's Testimony. (, 6/14/17)

London Tower Block Fire: At Least 12 Dead, Number Expected to Rise. (, 6/14/17)

Republican House Whip Steve Scalise, Congressional Staffer Shot in Virginia Shooting. (, 6/14/17)

Comey's Testimony Underscores Need for Strong Whistleblower Protections. (, 6/14/17)

Top Uber Exec Steps Down as CEO Faces Uncertain Future. (, 6/12/17)

After Loss, LeBron James Faces the Future: The Warriors Are 'Built to Last.' (, 6/13/17)

Dog Bite Claims Eat up Significant Percentage of Homeowner Insurance Claims. (, 6/13/17)

Tony Awards: Bette Midler's Hilariously Long Speech Stole the Show. (, 6/12/17)

Dear Evan Hansen Wins Big at the 71st Tony Awards. (, 6/12/17)

Hiring Best Practices: 5 DOs and DON'Ts When Job Applicant Announces Pregnancy. (, 6/9/17)

EEOC to Examine Age Discrimination at Commission Meeting. (, 6/10/17)

Did You Know Your Choice of Emoji Can Have Legal Consequences? Picture of Chipmunk is Worth Two Thousand Words - and about $2,000. (, 6/8/17)

Video Captures Woman Fall Into Sidewalk Cellar While Texting. (, 6/8/17)

'Lordy' Start Trending on Twitter, Thanks to James Comey. (, 6/8/17)

New Title VII Promotion Discrimination Decision Explores Pretext Analysis. (, 6/6/17)

What to Know about the Ketogenic Diet. (, 6/7/17)

George and Amal Clooney Welcome Twins. (, 6/7/17)

Bill Cosby's Lawyers Open with Attack on Accuser's Credibilty. (, 6/5/17)

'Hey Boss, F*@& You!' Profanity-Laced Facebook Tirade not enough to Get the Axe. (, 6/5/17)

Nursing Homes Regularly Improperly Administer Blood Thinners Such as Coumadin. (, 6/5/17)

What is "Constructive Discharge" and How Does it RElate to My Employment Discrimination Case? (, 6/5/17)

Former FBI Director James Comey to Testify before Senate Intelligency Committee Next Thursday. (, 6/1/17)

Councilman David Oh Stabbed During Street Robbery Newar his Southwest Philly Home. (, 6/1/17)

The On-Call Physician's Liability for Failing to Respond to Emergency Room Call. (, 5/31/17)

FTC Warns Employers: Keep Background Check Disclosures Simple. (, 6/1/17)

Covfefe: When a Typo Goes Viral. (, 5/31/17)

A Stacked Deck: Getting Justice for Grand Jury Leaks. (, 5/30/17)

Inaugural Iceland Flight with Kenney Aboard is Diverted. (, 5/31/17)

Do School Dress Codes End Up Body Shaming Girls? (, 5/30/17)

Woman Wins $100K in Hot Coffee Lawsuit Against Starbucks. (, 5/19/17)

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Block on Trump's Travel Ban. (, 5/25/17)

NYC Law Prohibits Employers from Asking Job Applicants for Salary History. (, 5/24/17)

E-Cigarette Litigation is Lighting Up. (, 5/24/17)

Airlines at PHL Agree to $900 Million in Improvements. (, 5/23/17)

College Not Required to Alter Academic Program for Reasonable Accomodation. (, 5/22/17)

Manchester Bombing: Live Updates. (, 5/23/17)

What to Do When ICE Comes Knocking. (, 5/19/17)

For These Philly Librarians, Drug Tourists and Overdose Drills are Part of the Job. (, 5/21/17)

Trump Arrives in Israel in Search of 'The Ultimate Deal.' (, 5/22/17)

Comey Cracks Republican Wall: GOP Pols Voice Concerns on Trump 'Drama'. (, 5/17/17)

ESPN's Mike Greenberg Announces the end of 'Mike & Mike' with an Emotional Thank You. (, 5/17/17)

Philadelphia Sues Wells Fargo for Allegedly Discriminating Against Minority Borrowers. (, 5/15/17)

Class Action Waiver in Employment Arbitration Agreement is Unenforceable, Court Rules. (, 5/15/17)

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation - The Wave Grows. (, 5/15/17)

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention will Keep Older Adults Safe and Independent. (, 5/12/17)

Meet the Secrety of Labor, RT. Alexander Acosta. (

Do You Have Enforceable Contract for Sale of Family-Owned Business Interests or Just Agreement to Agree? (, 5/10/17)

PA Voters' View on Marijuana: Legalize it, Dude. (, 5/11/17)

James Comey Doesn't Quibble with Trump's Right to Fire Him. (, 5/10/17)

Judges Appear Divided on Trump's Travel Ban. (, 5/9/17)

Security Footage Details Penn State Fraternity Pledge's Final Hours in Fatal Hazing Ritual. (, 5/8/17)

New Jersey's New Home Warranty Program: Beware the Double-Edged Sword. (, 5/7/17)

Family Sues Toy Drone Manufacturer for Christmas Day Injury. (, 5/7/17)

Coach Buying Kate Spade in $2.4 Billion Deal. (, 5/8/17)

Kushner Family Apologizes for Mentioning White House Adviser Jared Kushner. (, 5/8/17)

Delivering New Parental leave in the Trump Era: Can It Be Born? (, 5/4/17)

Monsignor Admits to Embezzling $500K to Cover Gambling Debts, Dinners, Concert Tickets. (, 5/4/17)

Human Factors Experts Evaluate Inadequate Signage Leading to Automotive Accident. (, 5/4/17)

Do Schools Allow Fidget Spinners Or Are They Too Distracting? (, 4/27/17)

Computer Surveillance by Employers in Canada: Finding Balance Between Business Interests and Employee Privacy Rights. (, 5/1/17)

California Employers Should Reevaulate Their Criminal Background Check Policies Before July 1, 2017. (, 5/2/17)

ADA Suit Against Steak 'n' Shake Wins Class Approval (, 5/1/17)

Refusal to Allow Employee to Rescind Her Voluntary Resignation Not an Adverse Employment Action. (, 4/30/17)

United Settles with Passenger Dragged off Flight. (, 4/27/17)

Home Depot Murder Case Teaches that Employer May be Held Liable. (, 4/27/17)

New Case: A Single, Vile Slur Could Create a Hostile Work Environment Under Title VII. (, 4/26/17)

Pay Attention to Bylaws When Taking Corporate Actions. (, 4/25/17)

North Korea Marks Anniversary with Massive Artillery Drill. (, 4/25/17)

Erin Moran Likely Died of Cancer Complications, Officials Say. (, 4/25/17)

Ann Coulter's Backers at UC Berkeley File Lawsuit. (, 4/24/17)

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Sets Space Duration Record, Will Get a Call from Trump. (, 4/24/17)

Trump and Treasury Turn to Tax Reform. (, 4/24/17)

SEC Cracking Down on Ponzi Schemes. (, 4/23/17)

New Jersey State Courts Continue to Scrutinize Arbitration Agreements. (, 4/21/17)

Buy American and Hire American - New Executive Order Promises to Put American Workers First, But Practical Impacts Remain Unclear. (, 4/20/17)

Arkansas Executes Death Row Inmate Ledell Lee. (, 4/21/17)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Paris Attack that Killed 1 Police Officer and Wounded 2 More. (, 4/21/17)

Legal Ramifications of Uber Ignoring Drunk Driver Complaints. (, 4/20/17)

Bill O'Reilly is Forced Out at Fox News. (, 4/19/17)

Facebook Kiling Suspect Kills Himself After Pursuit. (, 4/19/17).

Georgia House Race, Seen as Trump Referendum, Heads to a Runoff. (, 4/18/17)

Julia Roberts is 'People's pick for 'World's Most Beautiful' of 2017. (, 4/19/17)

The Fourth Circuit's New Test for Joint Employment Under the FLSA and Why You Should Care. (, 4/17/17)

Wisconsin Court Holds Discharging Employee Because of Misconduct Caused by Disability Can Be Discrimination. (, 4/15/17)

'Put on your Big Boy Pants': Takeaways from Man's Retaliation Suit. (, 4/12/17)

U.S. Steel Subsidiary to Pay $150,000 to Settle EEOC Religious Discrimination and Retaliation Suit. (, 4/17/17)

Do These Photos Unveil what Really Caused the Titanic to Sink? (, 4/14/17)

Comcast Drops the F-Bomb on Customer. (, 4/13/17)

'Dark Day' as Alabama Governer Cuts Plea Deal, Resigns. (, 4/11/17)

United Airlines CEO Doubles Down, Says Employees Followed Procedures, Passenger was Belligerent. (, 4/11/17)

Gorsuch Sworn-In as Supreme Court Ahead of Key Cases. (, 4/10/17)

State of New Jersey Encourages Drivers to Report Distracted Driving. (, 4/6/17)

After Son's Attack by Neighbor's Dog Paoli Mom Works to Change Dog Bite Law. (, 4/6/17)

NCAA To Address Historical Early Recruiting Legislation. (TheNationalLawReview, 4/5/17)

Pepsi Yanks Kendall Jenner TV Ad, Apologizes to Her. (USAToday, 4/5/17)

Steve Bannon Removed from National Security Council. (, 4/5/17)

Senate Prepares for Nuclear Showdown. (, 4/6/17)

Swedish Company Implants Microchip in Workers As Swipe Card. (, 4/5/17)

Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Ad Has Fallen Flat. (, 4/5/17)

Are You Coming In Today? An FMLA Intermittent Leave Toolkit. (, 4/4/17).

Frustrated Republicans Prepare for the Nuclear Option. (, 4/4/17)

Cowboys' Tony Romo Will Reportedly Retire to Take a Job on Television. (, 4/4/17)

North Carolina Defeats Gonzaga for Redemption in National Championship. (, 4/4/17)

Democrats Secure Vote to Block Gorush as Senate Panel Considers Nominee. (, 4/3/17)

NLRB Will Not Hack Into Prior Decision Regarding Employee Email Use During Non-Work Time. (, 4/3/17)

Fair Play Fair Pay Act Reintroduced in Congress, Would Make Radio Pay Artists. (, 3/31/17)

Phillies Rookie with Amazing Underdog Story Tears up after Making Opening-Day Roster. (, 3/30/17)

The Cup of Coffee that could Cause Heart Palpitations. (, 3/31/17)

Are ADA Lawsuit Plaintiffs Hucksters or Heroes? (, 3/30/17)

Trump Administration Appeals Court Ruling on Revised Travel Ban. (, 3/30/17).

Ivanka Trump is Making her White House Job Official. (, 3/30/17)

India's Generous Maternity Leave May Be Bad for Women. (, 3/30/17)

Former Trump University Student Refuses Settlement Because She Wants to Hold President 'Accountable for this Fraud.' (, 3/29/17)

Uber Says 15% of U.S. Employees Hold Visas. (, 3/29/17).

Future of Affordable Care Act Week 8: Employer's Guide to Collapse of American Health Care Act. (Spoiler Alert - News is Not all Bad). (, 3/28/17)

Ultracare Las Vegas Settles EEOC Sex Discrimination Lawsuit. (, March 27, 2017).

National Cheesesteak Day Freebies and Deals. (, 3/24/17)

Consolidated Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act (COBRA): Over 30 Years Later... COBRA Still Has Fangs. (, 3/23/17)

House Won't Vote on Healthcare Thursday -Bill in Jeopardy. (, 3/23/17)

Disney Stole 'Zootopia,' Wrtier Claims in Lawsuit. (, 3/21/17)

Fear of Failure - Terminating Employees with Extensive FMLA and Non-FMLA Absences. (, 3/21/17)

USA Hockey Women's Players to Meet Monday Over Wage Dispute. (, 3/19/17)

McDonald's on Anti-Trump Tweet:Account was Hacked. (USAToday, 3/16/17)

Target Dealt $2.1M Verdict in Slip-and-Fall Case (, 3/16/17)

Police Ask Alexa: Who Dunnit?(, 12/29/16)

EEOC Wins Jury Verdict in Sexual Harassment Case against Costco. (, 12/26/16)

Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Philadelphia Soda Tax.(, 12/16/16)

Feds Want "Dance Mom" Star to Lose $120K in Foreign Currency Case. (, 12/20/16)

Hoboken Train Crash Victims Ready to Let Lawsuits Fly. (, 9/30/16 )

Ways to Prevent Stolen Packages During Holiday 2016 Shopping Season. (, 11/28/16)

Biggest Spike in Traffic Deaths in 50 Years? Blame Apps. (, 11/15/16)

Federal Judge Rules That Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation is Illegal Under Federal Law. ( , 11/7/16)

Now Your Boss Can Buy Back Your Vacation Days. (, 10/11/16)

State Attorney General Orders Trump Foundation to Cease Raising Money in New York. (, 10/3/16)

Transit Train Crashed at NJ Station, Injuring 100. (, 9/29/16)

Legal Experts Say Law Allowing 9/11 Families to Sue Saudi Arabia Has Consequences. (, 9/28/16)

Student Sues Penn Over Alleged Racial Bias in Investigation of Sexual Assault Accusation. (, 9/27/16)

The Market Street Collapse Trial is (Finally) Starting: Here's What to Know. (, 9/19/16)

Bridgegate Trial: 5 Things to Know as Christie Traffic Scandal Reaches Court. (, 9/19/16)

Conviction Tossed for Man Whose Cyberbullying Led to Suicide of Rutger's University Student. (, 9/9/16)

Gun Violence Surges in Chicago, Where Residents want to Show 'Everything is not all Bad' (, 9/6/16)

Former Fox Host Gretchen Carlson Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes for $20 Million. (, 9/6/16)

The NFL's Concussion Case Could Still Go to The Supreme Court (, 8/31/16)

New FAA Small Drones Rules Go Into Effect: Here's What You Need to Know to Get a Drone License. (, 8/30/16)

Mylan Launching Generic Version of EpiPen (, 8/29/16)

Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams Appeal Against Blurred Lines Copyright Ruling. ( , 8/25/16)

F ans Injured in Railing Collapse Suing Snoop Dogg, Live Nation. ( , 8/24/16)

Judge in Texas Blocks Obama Transgender Bathroom Rules. (, 8/22/16)

NLRB: Graduate Students at Private Universities May Unionize. (, 8/23/16)

American Swimmers Pulled Off Plane in Rio. (, 8/17/16)

Homeowner Files Class-Action Lawsuit Telling 'Pokemon GO' To Get Off His Lawn. (, 8/3/16)

Massachusetts Bans Employers From Asking Applicants About Previous Pay. (, 8/2/16)

Cemetery Settles Suit over Hispanic Man's Burial. (, 7/22/16)

Trump Calls Cruz Non-Endorsement 'No Big Deal,' Senator Defends Decision (, 7/21/16 )

Should Your Child Play Pok é mon Go? (, 7/15/16)

Philadelphia Jury Pins $70m Verdict on Janssen for its Risperdal Drug. (, 7/2/16)

No Charges for Clinton, FBI Says, Despite Biting Criticism. ( , 7/5/16)

Senators Seek Bipartisan Deal to Ban Gun Sales to People on No-Fly List. ( , 5/21/16)

Verizon Communications Inc. Reaches Tentative Agreement with its Wireline labor Union. (, 5/31/16)

Bill Cosby to Stand Trial for Assualt Charges (, 5/24/16)

Walmart Sues Visa over Chip Transactions with Debit Cards (, 5/11/16)

Google Proposes 'Professional Women' Emojis ( , 5/11/15)

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $55 Million in Talc-Powder Trial (, 5/3/16)

Rejected Bus Driver Sues SEPTA Over Background Checks (, 4/28/16)

More than 500,000 Boycott Target over Transgender Bathroom Policy (, 4/25/16)

Flint Crisis Makes Governor Legal Target (, 4/24/16)

Judge Denies Chipotle's Motion to Dismiss GMO Lawsuit ( , 4/21/16)

FBI Paid More than $1M for San Bernardino iPhone "hack" ( , 4/21/16)

Pa. Becomes 24th State With Legal Medical Marijuana (, 4/17/16)

New Life for Medical Marijuana Bill in PA (, 4/12/16)

Appeals Court Halts Class Action on Whether Uber Drivers are Employees (, 4/6/16)

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Wal-Mart Case; Pa. Workers Owed $224M (, 4/5/16)

Supreme Court Upholds 'One Person, One Vote' ( USA Today, 4/4/16)

Distracted Driving Citaitons Increase in Pennsylvania (, 4/1/16)