Holding Bar And Taproom Accountable For Their Customers

If a bar provides insufficient supervision or improper security, and that negligence leads to a taproom fight or brawl, injured patrons may have a premises liability claim.

At The Pagano Law Firm, LLC, we represent victims of bar fight injuries in Media and throughout the neighboring cities of Pennsylvania. Attorney Marlo Pagano-Kelleher has counseled numerous bar owners on how to prevent liability claims from occurring.

This experience gives her unique insight into the opposing side's strategy and how to counter their moves. We are not afraid to take on the toughest case or confront the most intimidating Pennsylvania bars and their defense lawyers.

Was the bar already on notice? This may not have been the first time someone was injured in a preventable bar fight on the premises. We will fully investigate the situation.

Failure To Train Bouncers, Lack Of Lighting And Other Issues

When bar owners or property owners fail to provide an adequate level of care to patrons, they may be held responsible. Maybe the owner should have hired more bouncers, or perhaps he or she failed to adequately train the bouncers. Maybe the owner did not install proper lights in the parking lot, which provided the perfect opportunity for an assault, robbery or fight to occur.

If you have any question about whether or not you have a case, do not hesitate to ask one of our Delaware County lawyers. You can take confidence from the fact that your story will be heard and evaluated by a seasoned attorney, not an inexperienced clerk or secretary.

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