Are You Receiving What You Deserve In Unemployment Compensation?

We Help Maximize Benefits

If you have left a job, whether by your own choice or that of the company, you may be seeking unemployment compensation or unemployment insurance benefits to cover you financially until you are able to find another job.

This is not a guaranteed benefit, however. You may have a difficult time trying to recover the funds you need. Not everyone is eligible, based on the circumstances under which he or she left the company. Also, your former employer may try to block you from claiming unemployment under the company's name. In other cases, mistakes may be made in the application, which can cause the bureau to deny your claim. You may also have your unemployment benefits revoked if the bureau comes to believe that you are not making an effort to find work.

When Your Employer Doesn't Want To Pay Unemployment

While you do not need an attorney to complete the process, those who work with representation are often more likely to obtain the benefits they need. At The Pagano Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to helping former employees obtain the unemployment compensation they need to make ends meet between jobs.

We will review all documentation and provide you with a clear understanding of the steps that must be taken to be determined eligible and approved for unemployment. We will oversee the submission of all necessary documents and applications, attending hearings to advocate on your behalf, when needed. Should any issues arise with your former employer, we are prepared to negotiate on your behalf, resolving those issues as efficiently as possible, including handling unemployment appeals.

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