Representing Employers And Employees In Contract Matters

The working relationship between an employer and an employee is framed by employment contracts that lay out the expectations of both individuals, both while the employee is with the company and after he or she has moved on.

At The Pagano Law Firm, LLC, we represent both employers and employees in the careful drafting of these business agreements, as well as in any disputes that might arise surrounding an employment contract. We are experienced in business and employment law, and can provide the representation needed to fully protect the current and future interests of our clients.

Enforceability Of A Noncompete Agreement And Other Restrictive Covenants

Many times disputes arise regarding restrictive covenants that were part of the initial employment agreement. This can include:

  • Noncompete agreements
  • Nonsolicitation agreements
  • Use of client lists after the employee has left the company
  • Geographical restrictions on work done by the former employee
  • Time frames and limitations on future competitive work
  • Use of proprietary information or intellectual property by a former employee

While these may seem like cut-and-dry issues, there are often gray areas and extenuating circumstances that led to the behavior or seeming breach of the restrictive covenants. We will thoroughly review the contract and investigate all documentation of the former employee's behavior, working to protecting the interests of our client.

The firm also represents employers and employees in disputes regarding severance agreements. Whether the employee is entitled to severance often depends on several variables, including tenure with the company, details of any separation agreements, behavior of the employee after the departure and the circumstances under which the employee left. We will thoroughly review all details and help our clients resolve the matter.

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