Estate Plans Are Developed For Those You Love

If Disputes Arise, We Can Help Find A Resolution

No matter the nature of your assets or the size of your wealth, it is important that you have a will and basic estate plan that will dictate how your property and possessions will be distributed after you pass. Without a will, the state will receive all of your possessions, leaving your family members without any say over how your assets will be distributed. In that sense, a will is an important expression of love.

At The Pagano Law Firm, LLC, we assist in the drafting of these estate plans, clearly dictating how all assets and property will be divided. This plan includes additional directives, such as powers of attorneys and medical directives, that name a specific person or family member to act on your behalf and make critical medical and financial decisions for you, should you become incapacitated.

Representation In Estate Litigation And Will Contests

If you have lost a loved one and feel that there is an error with the will or that your loved one's assets are not being distributed as he or she intended, we can help. We are skilled in will contests and all other estate litigation.

Many times, family members are concerned that one individual exerted undue influence and manipulated the deceased before his or her death, causing the will to be changed when the deceased was not in a proper state of mind to make such a decision. This could include a new spouse or a caregiver. In most cases, this unexpected change in the will causes the individual to receive all or most of the assets, leaving nothing to other loved ones that the deceased would have intended to provide for.

We are equipped to fully investigate the details of the estate plan and the circumstances that caused a will to be altered. These are highly complex matters, requiring representation with the experience and legal understanding to advocate on behalf of family members and fight to see the situation made right in court.

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