Carefully Crafted Business Agreements Will Save You Headaches Down The Road

All too often parties enter into business relationships without properly documenting the terms of the relationship or insuring against individual interest risks. Our firm advises and represents companies both in and out of Delaware County over a broad range of business-related services. We advise our clients on business law, the protection of a trademark or license agreement, and human resource guidance, and assist with buying or selling a business.

We also consult with business owners and review and negotiate LLC (limited liability company) operating agreements, shareholder agreements or partnership agreements.

Preparation And Review Of Business Contracts

Our firm consults with business owners to draft, review and negotiate contracts related to various business activities, including:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Releases and waivers
  • Property agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Operating agreements

LLC Operating Agreements

The LLC is a recent business model that was created to offer flexibility and planning for small to midsize business entities. In Pennsylvania, the laws governing LLC entities are much more limited than other business models, such as corporations. For this reason, with an LLC entity, it is of paramount importance that the members enter into an operating agreement. An LLC operating agreement allows you to structure your financial and working relationships with your co-owners in a way that suits your business. In your operating agreement, you and your co-owners establish each owner's percentage of ownership in the LLC, his or her share of profits (or losses), his or her rights and responsibilities, and what will happen to the business if one of you leaves.

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